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Review! 23.7-inch LG UltraFine Display – are TWO Thunderbolt 3 ports worth the upgrade?

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The new 23.7-inch LG 4K UltraFine Display replaces the old 21.5-inch display, and adds two Thunderbolt 3 ports to support daisy chain setups. Should you consider buying it? Read full in-depth review:
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  1. Do you use an external display with your Mac? If so, which one do you use, and why? Would you consider 'upgrading' to this newly launched LG UltraFine Display? Let me know!

  2. Riddle me this: why is it that the smaller LG monitor has 2 thunderbolt 3 outputs, but the larger, 27” 5K, only has 1. Also, the outputs on the monitor reduce by 1/2, the read/write speeds of SSD’S. My 860 EVO’S push out 500mb read/write when connected to the MBP, but only 1/2 that when through putting through the monitor. Really sucks on both ends…!

  3. Since this is native 4K resolution, is it compatible with 2015 MacBook Pros, with proper adapter? The previous ones were 4K 2304p and 5K, WHICH was the reason they were not compatible. Can you check? Please

  4. It's ugly that it hurts my eyes, thick frame and Lenovo like cheap plastic. how did this end in the Apple store?! also who cares about daisy chain?
    One thing was done right is the higher power delivery.

  5. great video. Could you make a video on using this monitor exclusively with the iPad Pro for productivity, including features and functionality coming with iPadOS (13)? i’m thinking of switching to an iPad for most of my computing needs and, with iPadOS on the way, i assume i’m not alone. Thanks!

  6. I would like to point out that i currently own all of the ultrafine displays since the launch… and they are really nice panels. Forget the design, obviously would have been better an Apple monitor, but they are clearly out that business unless you want to pay well over 5k for the pro one. I too was waiting for the apple monitor but it’s way too expensive for 95% of the people out there so move on already. The real reason Apple did not make a general consumer or even pro’s in mind monitor is because of the iMacs. That is the real reason why they didn’t make one now. Most people want portability and so if you want a 4k-5k display from apple, you are forced to get an iMac. It sucks but i have now accepted it. Just my 2 cents. Thank you.

  7. @9to5mac I just purchased the new 2019 27inch Retina 5K iMac max specs. But I see the new 15inch MBP has almost just as much power and I prefer to be mobile. Is there anyway you can do a video comparing the 2 showcasing the differences in speed with applications like Final Cut Pro X?

  8. I use LG UltraFine 5K display around18 months, one day, there are a lot of ghost image and burn in, just stay for 5 seconds, the image will burn in, and it will take a long time to get lost. I asked for LG . Someone came to follow up, and after seeing the ghost image and called back to the company. The Engineering said " normal". I don’t accept and continue to ask LG, The Engineering only responded to "normal" without explaining any reasons and improvement methods.
    The LG UltraFine 5K display in the Apple Store has a same image problem.

  9. Since this version of Ultra Fine displays has 3840X2160 resolution, it should be compatible with 2015 MacBook Pros. Can you confirm this? The previous Ultra Fine had resolutions beyond common 4K in both versions! (4K 2304p and 5K)

  10. Until iOS supports mousing, there will be very little reason to use an iPad with an external display.

    Android can do it, why can't iOS? The answer, of course, is that Apple doesn't want to cannibalize MacBook sales. Typical cynical Apple behavior.

  11. I don't get this. Much more expensive than most LG's 4K displays. Writing this on 27" 4k LG I bought for 350 Euros. Yes, it doesn't have Thunderbolt hub, but do I care? No! It's IPS display, has 99 % of Adobe RGB, 100 % sRGB, Delta E is below 1.0. So what more should I want?

  12. I'm thrown off by the PPI. So my question is… if I've been admiring the quality of the iMac 21.5 4k screen, and buy this, am I going to be able to tell the difference? Will it look "grainy". Thanks.

  13. Now here’s the important question. If I am running two of these displays, and have a black magic gpu in a separate port, will these displays be getting the performance from
    The GPU?

    Is it possible to daisy chain the two displays to the EGPU then connect the EGPU to the MacBook?

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