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Remove Blackheads On Forehead And Face | Part 28 | Hang Oliver

🌼 Hello everyone!
👉 Because the acne removal video is limited and not making money, I want to make a video of “RELAXING MUSIC” in front of me, I will make these two videos in parallel. I will make a longer acne removal video, after watching you watch the music video section to support me.

👉 Usually I will post videos at night in your country, so I think the “RELAXING MUSIC” video on the back will help you fall asleep.

👉 Please give me your opinion. Look forward to your comments I have the motivation to make more videos.

🌼 NOTE: After 2 weeks I will separate 2 videos, you can choose to watch a 35-minute acne removal video or listen to a song in the rain.

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💥 Part 1: Remove Blackheads On Forehead And Face | Part 28 | Hang Oliver

💥 Part 2:Beautiful Morning Dawn with Extremely Relaxing Music | Part 28 | Hang Oliver
👉 Sheet music: Waterfall


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  1. Hi Hang, I really enjoyed this two-part video. It was completely relaxing — very peaceful. You are a skilled esthetician and create beautiful and relaxing videos.
    Peace from Atlanta, Georgia, USA ☮️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

  2. I was watching and watching and watching, then I had to go to the bathroom . It was then that I realized this video is 3 hours long! I will just keep coming back to it because I LOVE your work! 🥰

  3. Bless your heart, Hang Oliver! Of course, you must chose which situation works best for you. You are a successful businesswoman with a wonderful profession and great skills and talent. So please know, you have fans who will support your channel, and I am one of those fans!! 💝💝🙌👍👍😸

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