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Relationship Recess: Surviving HIV/AIDS

For this episode we got to sit down with Masonia Traylor, a local HIV/AIDS activist who is here to break some of the stigmas! Here she shares some preventative methods you can use, and what to do if you think you have contracted the virus. Remember to always use protection, and #KnowYourStatus!

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  1. Lawd he’s so fine oouuuu but anyways I commend this beautiful woman for being strong for kids and living her life to the fullest. God be with you and your family

  2. I work with HIV ppl I love my patients they are so strong ppl don't understand that they can live a healthy life living with the virus just don't ever forget to take your meds and you will be fine . and persons living with the virus are more likely to have cancer so regular checks are important.

  3. All diseases can be heal, do your research, eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and some grians. Stop eating meat and its by products. Take your herbs and stay out of Westernized health care and you will reverse all diseases! Peace out

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