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Refurbished iPhone: Worth the Risk?

Where I got my iPhone:
In this video I check out a refurbished iPhone and compare it to a brand new iPhone. We see what a refurbished iPhone looks like and if it worth taking the risk to get a cheap phone that you’ll only see once you get it.
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  1. I bought my refurbished iPhone 6s Plus from Smarter-Phones.Co and I love it! Turned out great but I also bought the premium version, so that might have something to do with it. I do recommend them though their phones are great & are great deals plus they come with a warranty if you make an account on their website it will even tell you how long you have left on your warranty and free shipping both ways, getting and returning.

  2. When getting refurbished phones, go into settings and check the battery health in battery mode. If it's at a low percent, then you got a crap phone. I know this because of getting one online from Walmart and it wouldn't charge normally. It took me to look into the settings to see that the battery was bunk! Buyer beware. Oh yeah, and the phone had a few nicks and cosmetic flaws but that was expected, it's what's inside that counts. THE BATTERY SUCKS 😫

  3. Right for everyone in the comments a refurbished phone might have bumps and scratches but the speed battery and camera are still perfect its only visual not internal

  4. i wouldn't get it because i have one now and its completely broke like it don't work its dead its not charging or any thing, it shut off out of no where and i didn't even get to set it up yet.

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