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Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera Test Comparison!

Redmi K20 / Redmi K20 Pro Camera test and camera comparison vs OnePlus 7 vs Xiaomi Mi 9 – Which Smartphone has the best camera?
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  1. Re the OnePlus 7 I have heard the video recording has some micro jitters/micro wobbles and the rear camera still has so-so photos compared to an old Samsung flagship. Is this true?

  2. quick question, do you think k20 pro will still be working this good after a year or will it slow down and start to have delays and lags?

  3. Can you adjust bokeh/blur on portraits after taking a picture with K20? Hope there is. My OP7p does not have these sliders, compared to other dual-camera phones (Huawei, etc).

  4. that three phones are almost the same price in the philippines, op7 480usd 8gb 256gb, mi9 440usd 6gb 128gb and k20 pro 478usd 8gb 256gb. btw i am using op7😁

  5. really really like you channel.. also the way you talk like a pro (calm and certain) in your field, wish you best of luck and Im certain what you do will definitely payoff

  6. Need serious opinion here.. Given the price for redmi k20 pro and oneplus 7 is the same for 8/256 variant.. Which 1 should i go for? Help me please

  7. Mi9 is cheaper then K20 pro in Europe, it has better camera sensors, but worse processing, which can be fixed by using GCAM/ shooting in RAW.

  8. poorly done test not the pictures the same day at the same place, how explained red berries on one and not the other? more each exposure and different from the fact that no device and the same place so everything and false to redo.

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