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Realme XT vs Realme 5 Pro vs Realme X: Camera Comparison | 64MP vs 48MP Tested!

Realme XT vs Realme X Camera Comparison
Realme XT vs Realme 5 Pro Camera Comparison
Realme X vs Realme 5 Pro Camera Comparison
Realme 5 Pro vs Realme X Camera Comparison
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  1. I am Buy Realme X Its Camera. Working. Excellent and Performance it's Good.
    I am Highly. Recommend. For. Realme X you go for it

  2. camera results look like taken from $60-$100 smart phone, very basic and poor quality. These 64mp and 48mp mega pixels are just for marketing, inside its very poor quality sensors.

  3. Bhai camera saaf Karke photo nikalne wali baten Nahin To Hai Na donon Phone ko Takkar Dega Hamara XD samjhe kya bhai thoda camera saaf kar ke photo nikaalo 64 megapixel Kabhi niche Gir Jaega wala kya baat karte ho yaar bhai

  4. There must be an issue with your realme XT as throughout the video XT was lacking behind realme X which is not the case

  5. Tension mt lo inhone dono ka camera saaf krlia xt ko chod ke unke camera me jo dhul vghra lgjati h naa to isley wrong video xt is best hit like for xt🔝🔝

  6. Itne bade sensor size me agar 64 mp ke bajae true 12mp dala hota too ye sensor sabko fail kar deta… Lekin companies ko too marketing kelna hai

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