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'Queen Nair… Why??' | Brawlhalla Steam Cards!!!

This was really fun! Hope you enjoyed something a little different from the Brawlhalla universe!

Thanks for watching!!
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  1. if you haven't learned how to get emotes etc. You collect all the trading cards for that collection(view badge progress) and you craft the brawlhalla badge. It comes with some emotes, backgrounds and more.

  2. Diffensive channels his inner Gnash to obtain the ultimate card. This is it, his final chance. Everything comes down to this…

    Queen Nai: Nope
    Queen Nai: Nope
    Queen Nai: Nope

  3. Sorry to break it to you, but you can't get Gnash, there are like a total of 8, and you get them all, i think you can turn it into something, if you go to badge collection.

  4. just in case you didnt know : you can create badges on your steam with those cards – there's where you level your steamaccount and get the emoticons from 😀
    + there are ony those cards: Azoth, Barazza, Bodvar, Ember, Hattori, Koji, Queen Nai, Orion, Scarlet. :b

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