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  1. Gen 1 dose not age that well,it not like there are things that do age well in the first gen and that is Lavender town and the Characters and the latter was mainly because other Pokemon media like the anime and Pokemon adventure manga.

  2. Pros
    – no annoying hand holding (freedom)
    – The Pokémon
    – The Region
    – The Rival (friendly rivals are sooo boring)
    – The glitches (Mew)

    – The unrefined battle system
    – too many normal/flying types
    – Charizard not being able to learn fly in red and blue
    – The gen one pandering

    I liked this Generation but it didn’t come without problems but the games are enjoyable enough mainly because of the glitches 😂

  3. Yellow is so much fun to replay. Whether it be your first time or not there are always stuff to do. Glitches, Myths, Theories, and the only game in the series where the opponents are like 10-20 lvls above yours by default.
    It's a great monster catching game.

    It's outdated though… the storage system is awful and the environments are pretty basic.

    All in all it started it all and is really good for those who don't look into it too much in how to exploit moves and pokemon.

  4. Gen 1 was my least favorite. I liked it but I never had the urge to play through it again and it was pretty easy in my opinion I can't remember a part where I was like "man this is hard".

  5. Gen 1 is certainly different from modern generations. Its story is more in the background, and the game itself focuses more as you said on a young trainer going out on a journey. The villains have no world ending schemes up their sleeves and legendaries are something you can either stumble across or miss entirely, which makes them somewhat more legendary in my opinion. It's heavily limited by the technology of its time, and in many ways feels more 'video gamey' than the modern games, but it would be interesting to see a similar approach in a modern game. Let the player make their own journey, less hand holding, less legendary worship, more exploration.

  6. Well Pokemon Stadium fixed at least one of the problems; dual type mess ups
    OR the way I see it: when a Dual-Type Pokemon gets hit by a certain move it counts them as ONE of their types (neutral effectiveness being recessive), Articuno and Zapdos were actually WEAK to Ice and Electric respectively and Ground was actually super effective on most Grass types (unfair)

  7. Gen 1 is like fond memories of child hood, while gen 2 felt like I was in middle school now and I’m more sophisticated. That being said, my biggest gripe on gen 1 has always been you couldn’t rename the traded Pokémon like lickitung or far fetched. Still actuall pisses me off a little

  8. I understand the C grade compared to other games in the Pokemon canon, but in the pantheon of all games ever made, it's gotta get an A. Without Red/Green/Blue, Pokemon does not explode into the behemoth it is today — the best selling RPG game in world history. Just think about all the basic components introduced in Red/Green/Blue that are still used in all Pokemon games today:
    1) Pokemon
    2) The Pokedex
    3) 6 Pokemon per party
    4) 4 moves per Pokemon
    5) Evolution
    6) Types
    7) Poke Balls
    8) Battles
    9) Wild Pokemon
    10) Experience and Leveling Up
    11) Technical Machines
    12) Hidden Machines
    13) Gym Leaders
    14) Rival
    15) Stats (HP/Attack/Defense/Speed/Special)
    16) Pokemon Centers
    17) Poke Marts
    18) Healing Items
    19) Elite Four & Champion
    20) Cities/Routes/Caves
    21) Trades
    22) PC for Pokemon Storage

    I mean my god. Talk about standing the test of time. I know R/G/B aren't the most complete or aesthetic Pokemon games anymore by today's standards……but I'm proud to have grown up with them, and played them first.

  9. Hey, can I ask what's up with the static avatar that's on screen at all times? It adds nothing to the video and eventually just becomes an eyesore.

    I know it would require more work and maybe you don't actually have the time for it, but having relevant imagery be the main focus would be better. (You already do this to an extent, but it's like a side dish to your face) You don't even have to use all new images/videos every time. It's common practice to have folders of tagged media to just toss in when you need it.

    At the end of the day, I've only seen two of your videos and have no right to tell you what to do, but these are just suggestions based what little I know about entertainment.

  10. You make some very good points in your video, but I think your final mark isn't exactly fair, there should be some qualifiers. Yes a C may be about right when you compare it to all the later games, but taken into consideration of the time, this is the game that started the Pokemon craze. As popular as Pokemon is today, it's actually nothing compared to the mania in the late 90s.

    I would say for the time this game deserves an A, it was incredibly innovative and addictive. The fact that the Gen 1 games still outsold every generation afterwards (by quite a considerable margin) really deserves more credible in my opinion.

  11. You say you've never played Green, but the truth is you never played the Japanese Blue version. The Blue version released outside of Japan was actually Green version. The Japanese Blue was the 3rd game, like Crystal or Emerald, that helped fix a bunch of minor issues the prior versions had and gave new front sprites for each Pokemon, some better and some worse. The Red and Blue released outside of Japan used Japan's Blue's sprites and improved engine but Red and Green's wild encounter tables respectively, and they never released the Japanese Blue version worldwide as a result. As for some of the bugs, Pokemon Stadium did fix most of them, but only those for battles and not all of them, an example would be Focus Energy being fixed but Wrap still being broken. As it stands, the only reason to play Gen 1 is either nostalgia, to learn how optimized the current games are comparatively, or to get moves on certain mons you can't get in later gens through the 3ds Virtual Console versions.

  12. Hindsight is not a fair way to judge a game. Pokemon had plenty of flaws but to not include the collectability, and social aspects of the game isn't fair. It was the first in a series and created a phenomenon not seen EVER in gaming.

  13. While these are far from my favorite Pokemon games, I still like them a lot to this day. Game is quite simple, yet that is part of its charm. Ironically I find them pretty easy (sheesh the AI and movepools are baaaaaaad).

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