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  1. It seems as if every day, you hear about, yet another, emergency landing. If it ain't about one thing, its anothet, and although the pilots, co pilots and the flight crews, have all, sworn and signed an affidavit, swearing to an, "oath of silence", thereby, preventing them, from making any statements, about the, "true reason", for the, "unbelievable amount of emergency landings", that has been occurring, over the past few years. When the truth is, there has been, a "large amount", of "UFO traffic", all over, the skies, forcing the pilots, to take evasive action, and proclaiming, some sort engine trouble, or what have you, as they have been "sworn to secrecy"!

  2. let me explain here.Some of passengers call the emergency of airport and staffs,rescue because they are being afraid of delaying emergency ambulance or rescue delayed.Those people who were taking camera are their families.coz families are waiting what will happen to them and praying sound

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