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Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2 Walkthrough tutorial – Pro Tips for CDJs

a complete cdj 2000 nexus 2 tutorial walkthrough!
In this video an in-depth tutorial guide about the Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2 for the DJ’s who don’t have them at home to practice on and want to know everything about this club standard multi player for spinning.
This tutorial walks though all the buttons, screens and options of the CDJ 2000 NXS2.
I don’t go into the details of dj-ing

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Table of contents:
1:43 – use an audio cd
2:50 – input selection
4:09 – menu of an input source
5:16 – Hotcues and cuepoints
11:35 – looping + WARNING!
17:09 – slip function
20:01 – reverse function
21:50 – Jog adjust
22:28 – Tempo adjust
26:56 – Sync
32:38 – Vinyl speed adjust
34:52 – Jog mode
36:45 – Time mode
38:44 – buttons on top of the screen
39:30 – search screen
45:07 – Utility screen (Options/settings)
45:35 – Back / rotate button & touch screen
46:49 – track filter (new in the NXS2)
49:25 – shortcuts
50:59 – backside
xx:xx – beatjump: see video:

Want to know everything about the DJM 900 NXS2 too?

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  1. 1 van de betere uitlegvideo’s, erg beknopt! Doe zo verder! 1 vraagje, ik ben gewoon van te mixen op mijn pc & dan staan de liedjes die speel onder elkaar en heb ik een beter overzicht wanneer ik het 2de liedje zou moeten inspelen. Op de cdj’s staan ze niet onder elkaar hoe weet ik dit dan?

  2. 🎓 A complete 90+min IMPROVED FULL HD CDJ 2000 course:
    🎥 more free CDJ 2000 nexus 2 tutorial teasers:

  3. Excellent tutorial… i use sc5000’s but have got a few gigs with these… great to know what some things do as there isnt much time to mess around with the settings when playing if you dont know what there doing. I have been a victim of that dumb plater search function in cdj mode😂

  4. Very nice tutorial! Thank you, but next time try turning up the volume of the master output because I couldn't really hear what was happening with the mix

  5. Hey, I have a question where i don't seem to find an answer to. So in some clubs in the nearest city they have a pair of cdj 2000nexus(1), and I am someone who likes to use colored hot cues to indicate points where to mix in and out. I know there are only 3 hot cue buttons on the cdj 2000nexus, but would I be able to see the hot cues on my screen, even though i would not be able to activate them? Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

  6. 4:04 How can I organise my music in the usb stick putting the songs in the order that I like? Do I have to rename the songs with numbers? If this is the answer, why on the cdj display don't appear the tracks with numbers?

  7. Thanks for this tutorial and was easy to understand, 😀 I enjoyed listening 👂 as there is a lot to understand on the mixer.. it simple once you understand, I’m working out what I need and thanks for this tutorial

  8. If I sync player one to master player 2 and I adjust the master tempo on player 2, will the master tempo adjustment also change the synced player player 1, as if the BPMs are locked?

  9. A really good tutorial. Im a vinyl dj who has my first shot on the Nexus 2 tomorrow, after watching this i feel confident i can use these fairly easy. Thanks!!

  10. Hi Dexxter, thanks for information & vids I would appreciate some more info & how to go about installing S.D Cards or anything else that i would need to play cds as i have quite a lot of CDs unmixed which i would like to play on my Nexus 2.. Thanks..

  11. This Pioneer Nexus 2 system is okay. I hate how pressing the hot cues makes the track play automatically and same with the auto loop function. There is no GATE mode on the CDJs unlike the Rekordbox Controllers, which is kind of stupid to not include that feature on such a high-priced system. I also get this annoying issue that some tracks automatically play when loaded and some tracks don't. Another problem is the quantize algorithm is very laggy, such as pressing hot cues and engaging slip-reverse, they will not react immediately until the next beat. Everything else is great including the mixer, just these lists of issues make this NXS2 setup untrustworthy.

  12. Hi there I have two pioneer cdj 2000nxs 2 decks and a pioneer djm 900 nxs 2 mixer and when I have set my system up the cdj on the left of the mixer is saying player 2 on the display, and the cdj on the right is saying player one. Is there anyway I can change a setting to make the player on the left be player 1 and the player on the right be player 2?

  13. Nice tutorial!! Quick question from a traktor user. When someone analyse a track in rekordbox does the software automaticly sets que points or the user has to do this manualy like hot ques and memory points?

  14. 👍Vote on this comment with a thumbs up to reshoot the video.
    With proper lighting and high quality cameras on stands.
    Maybe I will do a remake of this video

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