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Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus Rekordbox Features and Tutorial

In this video, I’ll show you how you can shift the beat grid on the CDJ2000Nexus if rekordbox didn’t analyze it 100% accurately the first time around. This is really helpful if you are trying to count down beats or use any quantize features on the deck.

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Track featured: DallasK – Front/Back


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  1. Christian i got a question for ya ive just brought a pair of the pioneer cdj nxs2 it says i can put them into standby mode if not in use do you know how i can do that

  2. Hi I purchased the CDJ 2000 Nexus today. I noticed both wave forms is not visible when I connect the cdjs to my PC. I only see the bottom wave form, but when I connect using a usb stick it shows up normally. It is very important for me to see the beat grid information while I'm djing. I'm only going to use my PC for rekord box video, so I wouldn't be looking at my computer screen.

  3. Hi my cdj2000nexus Don't show that Big nice Track wave,first time on nexus,I've used 2000's non nexus before,Don't know why,If someone knows?please share the secret?Thanks.,

  4. thank you very much for getting back to me you're the only one that does I did ask you a little while ago when I try and open my record box books try and move a tune over and analyse it origin to listen to it and it comes up with this!!! everytime and won't let me analyse my tunes and play them in rekordbox tried to open up a new one but stil works the same 😨😠lol thanks because the teacher the truth I think I've said it before I used to play when it was vinyl same as you I think but had these for about a year just a bit over DJM 2000 Nexus as well so a bit overwhelmed if you know what I mean have no one around me any other DJs that is which is a good good key to have but there you go thank you for getting back to me mate 👌

  5. jst bought nexus 2000 but when i attach ma pendrive i don't get the beat grid of any track which i play! and it shows tat "recordbox not found" so can u help to get the beat grid for ma tracks 🙂

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