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Pioneer CDJ-2000 Tutorial 2: Basics of Cues and Loops

Hey! You found this really old video on my channel! The information in here is still good, but you should check out the other videos on my channel for even more up-to-date information on how to use CDJs and rekordbox together to bring your DJ skills to a higher level.

In this video I show you the basics of how to set and call loops/cues on the Pioneer CDJ2000. This applies to all current generation CDJs with a USB port for playing rekordbox tracks.

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  1. hi mate, there is one thing i would like to know i have this cdj but virtually pioneer can you tell me how to add folders of music and how to search them? i do know how to add a song but not how to add folders of songs.

  2. lol wtf. I didn't even realize that this was you talking through the entirety of this video. But yes. Learned a lot! I practice every day for an hour when we don't have DJ's booked at the venue and am already starting to mix my own tracks for recording. looking forward to the rest of your series. Thanks Christian!!

  3. How do i exit the "browse" tab? I select a track but they don't show the full waveform in the middle of the screen and i can't leave the "browse" menu no matter what..

  4. So I have a question, last night I played in CDJ2000's and I was looping a few times. Quantized was ON. Creating the loop went fine, but when I was exiting the loop at any giving moment in the track, the track was suddenly off beat with the other track. So my question is; do you have to exit the loop ON BEAT? Or doesn't it matter when I exit the loop?

    So for example: I am playing you songs and 1 of them is looped. They're beatmatched good. But when I exit track A from the loop, after hitting the exit loop button, track A (which was looped) is off beat after hitting the exit loop. Before exiting the loop, they were ON BEAT. Do I have to exit a loop on beat or doesnt it matter when I press the exit loop button?

  5. Christian, thanks for the video. I've been dj-ing longer than I care to remember and only in recent years moved to CDJs (i am a vinyl dinosaur haha) but the functions on the 2000s I've just ignored and stuck to doing everything manually old school vinyl style. Learnt a lot from the video. Thanks.

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