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Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus Tips and Tricks

this video i a Remake of my 2009 video on the CDJ 2000’s
here is a small bag of trick. we made this video to show to the people at pioneer but we hope u will learn some new techniques on how to do some of the best Dj tricks out there. Feel free to call me at my Public Line (347) 688 2703
Public phone number (347) 688-2703


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  1. Thanks fellas it great to share knowledge when you have it. I’ve been mixing unprofessionally for over 10 years and I’m about to purchase the cdj2000 you have not only taught me stuff I wouldn’t have taught my self but inspired me to mix more . Cheers to you

  2. Hi,Really Really cool, cdj2000nexus Don't show that Big nice Track wave,first time on
    nexus,I've used 2000's non nexus before,Don't know why,If someone
    knows?please share the secret?Thanks.,

  3. Ey bro tengo un problems con mi rane 62 el crosfader no eliminate la can ion anterior vien y se cotta bruscamente al Mescalero la musica de el a al b o del Aldo b al a no elimina correctamente en Los dos unto as se gundis lo elimina como si fuerza un prinsipiante

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