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Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus Review & Differences

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If you’re after the new Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus but want to know the differences between it and the standard version this is the video for you. We cover the major differences and answer that all important question, should you buy the nexus editions or the older 2000s?

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  1. honestly this was like listening to Ben Stein teach a class from Ferris Bueler's day off…

    I'm looking for the point blank differences between the pioneer 2000 and 2000 nexus

  2. Great Vid, please do one about the differences between the CDJ 2000 Nexus and the CDJ 2000 Nexus Platinum Edition – Is it just the color or More than that?

  3. Just for the record, they don't make the CDJ 2000 anymore. It's out of production. What you CAN do is ''downgrade'' the nexus version with the functions of the 2000. So that means that you will not be able to use the wireless feautures, slip mode and sync/master button. The loop mode will be replaced with the 4-beatloop wich was on the 2000 instead.

  4. i have the cdj 2000 and one of the impotant diference between de cdj 2000 and the cdj 2000 nexus is the sync any way if you going to use with a softwear computer all that softwear brings sync option. i guess you will save around 1000 dolars getting the cdj 2000 .but that nexus is a dream,good look dj

  5. You do not install Serato onto ANY cdj's. That is not how it works. You install it onto your computer and you still need a SL1, Sl2, Sl3, or Sl4. What some CDJ's do have is Native HID mode that can be used with softwares like Serato & Traktor. At the moment the CDJ-2000 Nexus is not compatible with Serato. They promise soon but you never know. You're probably not really in the market for CDJ-2000's though as you would know the whole Serato/Laptop install thing.

  6. I don't think adding extra features to their products makes them greedy. They want to make as much money as possible (just like any business) without cheating people out.

    Syncing, without a doubt, allows you to be more creative. So to include that feature in a top quality product seems like the obvious think to do.

  7. many DJs proved over the years that sync feature ISN'T needed to keep your records in time. For example James Zabiela
    Pioneer is greedy company and they put sync on to get more people to buy theirs stuff. Thats all.

  8. you just said how professional you are. BTW James zabiela (for example) proved over many years that sync is no needed to stay in time. I'm a DJ since 1998 I know that sync button is for school boys pal. Now fuck off and jump on your sync button.

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