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Pattaya Night Scenes 2019

Pattaya Night Scenes 2019 – Vlog 319

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A video taken in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. The footage the whole night, from looking around Bali Hai pier at the start, then on to Walking Street and finally ending on Soi Buakhao…

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Bali Hai Pier montage
0:14 Takraw game, popular in South East Asia
0:45 ibar visible, one of Pattaya’s most popular bars
1:12 Lifejackets for boat passengers
2:07 Waterfront condo project, standing empty with the company building it going bankrupt and early buyers / investors losing their hard earned money
3:10 A garbage truck showing up for my time lapse
4:20 9pm, Walking Street
4:29 ‘100 ladys’ inside
4:45 Coconut ice cream, expensive but tasty
5:24 Little India
5:46 African freelancer bar
6:42 We don’t need no education…
7:30 Insomnia visit, only 75 baht for local beers from 10pm-midnight
8:42 From ‘Mother Russia?’
9:05 Obligatory look at Skyfall (sorry for shaky cam as I was feeling the booze on this night)
9:55 Grey top large assets
10:29 A song to put smiles on people’s faces 🙂
12:41 Third world squat, it’s actually very good for your back if you can do it
12:49 Healthy looking rodents
13:26 3 ladies going home all alone
14:04 ibar/insomnia closing early
16:16 New York Diner, not a place you would expect good food but the Thai food is on point and good prices too. Open 5pm-7am.
16:35 Nice buns, a lot of treadmill time went into those 😉
17:23 Random scenes, back to the hotel
18:13 Soi Buakhao, the Tree Town sign needs fixing
18:55 10 minute wait for a burger, was worth it in the end… 🙂
20:01 Outro

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1st song
Viperdrive – Lovers in Time

2nd song
Andy Leech & Justin Jet Zorbas – Reaching The Summit

3rd song
The Missing Link – YouTube audio library

Outro song
Termite Infested White Picket Fence – Tomove


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  1. * Camera Used for this video:
    * Best Thai Dating Site:
    * Pattaya's best hotels $20-40:
    * Pattaya's best hotels $50+:
    * Latest Post on the Bkk112 website:
    * Bitcoin address: 3P52qQ3LpvtWV2rftJCdFGiyidSD7fELAx to buy me a beer

    Thank you for watching 🙂

  2. Thanks for the view of “grey top”. Gorgeous woman! Definitely not ladyboy. I was there last January and also came the previous winter. I never saw her. She was probably busy!

  3. Thanks for your vids. They make me wish i was in my hotel pool in pattaya sipping on beers and planning which agogo i will go to that night

  4. What do the Police think about African and Russian freelancers? 9.56 definitely a girl. Look at the face and the hips.
    Are the band Philippinos or Viet? Guitarist is good.
    I notice the girls are wearing more make up these days plus dyed hair and tats.
    16.32 Nice butt shot.
    What is that in the Macca's?

  5. @20:00 many people have negative things to say about McDonald's. I've been in McDonald's all over Asia and Europe and almost without fail they've all been busy around mealtime. That means many people find McDonald's food tasty.

  6. Wait they actually tidy up garbage in Thailand 🤦‍♂️🤣 I thought they just threw it on the street judging by the state of them

  7. what the fuck why there's a indian and pakistani group checking out that lady in grey LOL
    they will pay her a chapatti and samosa LOL!

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