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Patient with Gout Attack; What is Gout?

** Patient with Gout Attack, What is Gout? **

Dr Nail Nipper has a patient who shows symptons of a gout attack and performs a treatment.

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  1. So interesting, as a nurse I have never seen anyone have a gout attack without pain either. Usually they are crying and can barely move the joint.

  2. 1/2 pill a day of the Hydrochlorthiazide (also abbreviated as HCTZ in combination medicines for blood pressure control) is more than enough to cause a gout attack. IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF GOUT AND ARE ON A BLOOD PRESSURE MED THAT CONTAINS HCTZ, TALK TO YOUR PROVIDER NOW!
    PS; if your ER has a microscope with a birefrigens lens, you can see the gout crystals in beautiful color, looking like swords/sabers! They should look that way, because acute gout attacks usually hurt that badly.

  3. Well done. Like the insights you provided. Would have loved more on diet and early symptoms so as to be proactive. Thank you!

  4. My poor cousin has it everywhere. Feet, hands, elbows. So far I have been lucky, it is definitely hereditary in my family

  5. I am beyond shocked that you were able to do that with out the man being in excruciating pain. When my father got gout attacks even the fabric of the sheet touching his skin would cause severe pain. I wonder if he is diabetic, he has to have nephropathy in his feet. My heart goes out to him.

  6. My uncle had numbness in his feet from diabetes. He had no pain from gout. If you have gout, you’re significantly more likely to get type 2 diabetes. The same goes for the reverse.

  7. This was very interesting, and I enjoy seeing the x-rays. Poor toe! Glad he's not in pain, but I suppose that could be pointing to another issue…

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