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Pakistani doctor put in custody after more than 500 people test HIV-positive

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There’s a growing sense of alarm in a village in Southern Pakistan where in recent weeks more than 500 people, many of whom are children, have tested positive for HIV. Hundreds of fake doctors are thought to be operating across the country, authorities are trying to determine if this localized epidemic is the result of medical negligence or malicious intent by a local medical practitioner who is himself infected by the virus.

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17 People reacted on this

  1. This is the same district where Two Hindu sisters were forcefully converted…tum ne do Hindu beheno ko khtam Kiya aur ye uski saja de hai Hindu devtaon ne..tum logon ke sath Aisa hee Hona chahiye….tum kehte ho bas tumhara bhagwan Asli hai….to bolo use kee Sahi karke dikhaye in Bacchon ko….mein bhee manunga kee wo asli hai…warna tum sab wapas sanatan dharam mein Aa jao…

  2. Pakistani people need to be educated to understand the importance of seeing whether proper precautions have been taken before using needles and syringes. It should be made an offence to reuse needles and syringes and surprise tests should be carried out. Prevention is better than cure. Educating on science and logical thinking is important for the progress. Removal of poverty, having sympathy to others etc should be in main agenda. Religious beliefs which teach violence should be ignored and ground situation should be improved by educating the people about how to lead a happy contented life by co existing with all. All people should be educated by using all available manpower including those who were violent for positive development of the country rather than focusing on destroying other's country or trying to get more land. Peace is the only way to get blessed.

  3. Its only due to negligence which is still in practice in punjab also but fortunatly people told themself or dr ask if you have any hepatitice or other such disease its only upon people they inform

  4. "Doctors" that don't know not to reuse needles. This is why I refuse to be seen by these charlatans hired and working in the US. We have no idea what the standards are for these foreign taught doctors and our hospitals will take anyone they can hire cheap.

  5. Omg. This is tragic. Thank you for your channel for informing us about international news that otherwise would not be shown or reported on. This doctor should lose his license and be penalized. Just horrific! My goodness.

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