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Outremer 51 Catamaran Review 2019 | Our Search For The Perfect Catamaran.

This episode we look at the Outremer 51 Catamaran. Outremer have a reputation for building good, fast and strong catamarans. Their popularity for liveaboard sailors is legendary and this the is big sister to the Outremer 45. It also has a big sister in the Outremer 5X.

What will we think about this particular Outremer Catamaran? Is it the Catamaran of our dreams?

The equipment we use:

Panasonic Lumix G85

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

DJI Mavic Pro 2

DJI Spark

Manfrotto Pixie

Manfrotto Smooth head tripod

DJI Osmo 2

Lowepro Passport 3

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  1. Helm position : bad, engine access: bad, range location: bad…you kids just like the boat with all of your heart, but your brain should be screaming NOOO!

  2. The problem with an open helm station in Australia is that you have no protection from the sun. Death from melanoma is not attractive. I'm sure that there are bimini options that would give shelter. Mind you, the hulls look very nice for performance.

  3. Wow………………Great to hear a full experience comments…………..not the G&T fools looking in cupboards 👍🇬🇧🎬❤️

  4. Great review. Loving this series of reviews. Have you guys looked at any of the electric boats? I know they are becoming more reliable.

  5. Can't wait for Annapolis so I might meet you. My boat is to small for a dedicated life raft, but I have always felt that the proper place to store a life raft while on passage is in/with the dinghy. Catamaran store there dinghies on davits so secure the life raft in the dinghy when on passage. Any thoughts on this?

  6. I have an old family heirloom dining room table with diamond patterns in the top which was hand crafted.
    It's a shame but the world is losing craftsmen like that because of precision machine cuts and joints.

  7. Inside jokes only work if one is on the inside…
    Ryan & Elaina… Are you refering to Jason & Nikki ? If yes, I must have missed that episode…

  8. I could never own this boat for 2 reasons: 1) I'm a few hundred thousand shy of the price, and 2) I can't pronounce the name. I was to call it "Out-reamer" and not how its really pronounced.

    I'm probably more interested in a comfortable cruising boat, not really a racing boat. My experience with high performance things is they are also high maintenance things.

    What would you recommend in an easy sailing and passage making cat?

  9. I think speed is great, but at the end of the day the real fun begins when you get there, and then the more interior space the better. I liked the quality of workmanship. I thought the helm wasn't very secure, and should have had a cover and clears. I thought the rear cockpit didn't seem to offer as good protection from the elements as does the Leopard 50. A good point about the life raft but you can always relocate it.. I'd be interested in a review of the Leopard 50. I saw a video of one sailing 40 deg off the wind and it was powering along. I think Leopard use to offer wonderful carpentry in the past which was better than what is now on offer.

  10. I commend Outremer for the full sized mattresses I hate those trimmed in other boats, but for me Leopard 50 still #1 on the list.

  11. Trying to justify at all cost that the boat can be sailed from inside the cabin on a stormy night is complete rubbish, also the hard points for clipping on the safety tether while the boat is bouncing about like a yoyo on a stormy dark wet night should be easy and not difficult to find, even checking the sails is quicker when sat at the helm instead of looking forward to check and then standing up and moving backwards to check the main sail,it is also ridiculous to pretend a cat does not move like a mono hull, the up and down motion is the same. Open positions for driving the boat is a typical French thing, it makes no sense in bad weather nor in good weather where the sun is beating down and you need shade.

  12. Probably the best review I've seen. So different from the "reviews" that are really marketing presentations. It was refreshing that you talked about the performance/luxury/price trichotomy. If you want speed and space, then a Gunboat might fit the bill at around $5 to $6 million second hand. I beg to differ about catamarans sailing by the numbers because they don't heel, etc. It depends on the style of catamaran and the sailor. If you're sailing a responsive catamaran, e.g. like using the tiller on an Outremer, you should be able to feel the slightest wind change by the tickle on the back of your ears and the ruffle in the hairs on the back of your neck.

  13. Just have look at and is done already ?

  14. Super series on the cats, Ruby Rose crew. Very, very, very, very good job. As they might say somewhere in the UK, with a throaty royal accent, "Bloody well done, chaps!" (read…Chap and Chapette.)

  15. Outremer is very nice, but Seawind 1600 seems the better option for a performance live-aboard.
    If there is a Nautitech 541 at Annapolis, I'd love to see you guys review that.

  16. I must say bridge deck clearance is a deal breaker for me and I'm sure for many others….theres nothing worse than that constant slap on the belly! 
    I hope that you reconsider including this.
    Many Thanks for the great review videos that your doing!

  17. .
    So if you are at 8 degree tilt you will feel the boat do the wrong stuff. A "cruising' cat normally has a soft rig so it will bend off in squall.

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