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  1. This kind of "periscope" zoom optics is nothing new. Rugged point and shoot cameras have been doing this since about 2009 like the casio exilim EX-G1

  2. But sir OPPO reno 10x zoom front camera is very boring because there front camera have no electronic image stabilization. Huawei is good.

  3. Huawei has set the bar very high for every other brand in mobiles, without it in the market , it's just a pure loss for us all as consumers. Hoping it stays and they reach an agreement within 90 days ✌️

  4. Amazing video, thanks for your update about consumer concerns about which phone to buy Huawei or Oppo , personally I love the Huawei anytime as it beats Oppo in all camera comparisons including ultra wide video recording but still hoping if you could update us later if this is fixed in the later software fix, if that's done for the price , Oppo beats Huawei and with the recent scandal , it's a safer bet to go for Oppo. Looking forward for your next update , cheers 😀

  5. Thanks for the video!
    To be honest, I'm quite impressed by the iPhone. It looks pretty comparable to the OPPO at 10x.. At least on the video here.

  6. Thanks champ , good honest feedback . Looking forward to a thorough review of the camera .
    With ois and eis I'm hoping it's camera is a stand out feature . It's cheaper than the OnePlus 7 pro and I'm hoping it's better .
    Thanks again 😊

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