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OnePlus let me down… OnePlus 7T Review

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We got the brand new OnePlus 7T smartphone – one of the most hotly anticipated Android launches of the year! But can it live up to the price-to-performance value of flagships like the Samsung Note 10, Pixel 4, and iPhone 11?… or even the OnePlus 7 Pro?

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  1. Why did OnePlus decide to switch with availability of the Pro version and the normal one? I guess to have a phone with the price even lower than the iPhone 11 ($699) available in the US. That's where the 7T comes in. Sadly literally everyone is going to buy the iPhone 11 no matter what. Even tho I'm glad OnePlus is available in carrier stores now, TMobile and even Sprint(?).

  2. The ugly camera was the main reason i didnt buy. I love the flat screen, but that camera, ugh, and the quality of the camera looks like shit lol 10e here i come, unless the pixel 4a magically appears

  3. it's… not the successor. That's like saying the iphone xr is the successor to the first gen iphone X. The iphone X is the better phone but the xr has a few better things like battery life. The 7t has an 855 plus, the 7 pro has just an 855.

  4. ITS A BUDGET VERSION! It’s for someone who favors specs over design. It’s enough lower ($) and it has another purpose. Meaning even if it was the same price as the pro, people would still buy it for the sd855+.Also I know this was made a while ago but it’s less than 600 now and pro is 630-670 depending on the shop and time.

  5. i'd say it's fair to expect users to use a case considering they include one in the box BUT they should just make the damn phone thicker and fit in a larger battery and a headphone jack

  6. Already have seasonic PSU in my rig and have to say after some PSUs I really prefer them over most brands.
    I also recommend the prime titanium. don't forget that the watt depend on you hardware and should always get higher then the recommend

  7. Your reviews are always the complete opposite of the majority of reviews out there. It's almost like you take the unpopular opinion on purpose. For somebody who has never had a OnePlus phone before, 7T is absolutely amazing for only $599.

    Nobody cares about the notch anymore…reviewers need to stop mentioning, especially when it's the size of a grain of rice. The only people who talk about notches are the reviewers.

    The other thing that reviewers need to get over are the cameras. These are cameras ON A FRIGGIN' CELL PHONE…these are not professional-level DSLRs. A minor color difference or contrast difference between 2 brands of phones does not make one inferior when you step back and understand that the only thing people use these cameras for is taking pictures of friends and food. If you expect professional-level color reproduction, then get a DSLR…not a phone.

  8. Yes, completely fair to assume everyone will use a case(especially since they provide one with the phone). I didn't put a case on my OnePlus 5t simply because it was designed without one.. This however was and absolutely warrants one.

  9. Watching on my new OnePlus 7t, that I just bought today!! Still confused on how to enable high refresh rate in Minecraft tho..

    Upgraded from my Moto g5+ which was feeling real slow with 2gb of ram

  10. The 7T not a successor to the 7 Pro. Normally OP releases 2 phones in a model number year, this year they did 3 phones. I much prefer the bump or notch over a mechanical camera that pops up, they made it smaller in ther 7t and depending on how the phone is set up you never know it's there.

  11. A lot of this stuff that could be fixed with software apparently was the main focus before official release, but I’m skeptical even though I’m buying one next week. We’ll see…

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