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OnePlus 7T Pro review

Check out whether the OnePlus 7T Pro brings any meaningful upgrades regarding screen quality, battery life, performance, or camera image quality in a full video review.

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  1. The HDR is broken on my 7 Pro. Too dark compared to my Huawei P20 Pro even though the One Plus 7 Pro is supposed to have over 500 nits of brightness with HDR content. Can barely see anything if I watch HDR content on Netflix during the day. I wonder if the 7T Pro has this issue?

  2. Macro mode, better battery life and a better processor, not much but noticable change.
    I bought the 7T Pro 4 days ago and it's hands down the best phone I ever used.

  3. I love my oneplus 7T Pro but i do wish the battery life was a bit better but thats easy to fix with warp charge 🙂 If anyone needs that official oneplus discount then you can use this for any device

  4. My opinion is that the regular 7t is better than the 7t pro. It has a flat screen which is better for gaming, the selfie camera isn't a pop-out which keeps it at a better angle, and I'd expect that the cheaper frame keeps it lighter. I remember the 7 pro being an absolute brick to hold. I wish the 7t pro 5g would adopt the flat screen style.

  5. Why no 4K@60? Why no 4K on the wide and tele lens? It doesn't make sense!
    Also, the lack of Quick Charge support is annoying.. I don't want warp charge, I want QC3/QC4. I want to use my Powerbanks, my current chargers. I don't want to carry a special charger for my phone everywhere. This is dumb..

  6. Като за първи андроид телефон става ли? Мисля да сменя iPhone X на OnePlus 7T pro, струва ли си да го направя или не?

  7. Been saying this for years, OnePlus is just turning like any other major smartphone brand. There's zero reason for the 7T pro, it has no improvements over the 7 pro. But still they have released this phone. Doesn't make any sense.

  8. Is it just me or did your line delivery move closer to that of Angie? Especially towards the end. Anyway, nice review. However I fail to see the big advantage over a P30 Pro, which has gone down in price but features even better cameras (I guess…?). Compared to the launch price of other high end phones this is ok, but those have readjusted prices already.

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