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  1. Got my OnePlus 7 Pro last week. Stupid fast screen, all others need to take note and get to the 90 hrz level. I love the phone so far but may go back to Samsung as I can't live without Samsung Pay. Hope Google pay will expand its capabilities to work as well as S Pay.

  2. AMOLED >>>>>>>LCD .(do not buy any phone with LCD. The ghosting is bad, looks like shit. Just saying people. Had two LG phones and they were both shit. V20 and Stylo 4 . I will never buy a LG phone again.
    But my new love is OnePlus….way to go OnePlus. Keep it UNnotchy

  3. I just bought this phone. Very Happy. No notch, great screen, battery, camera, everything lol. The only thing I wish this had was a headphone jack. That's all. But, it's super fast and doesn't slow down. Smooth too. Love oxygen OS.

  4. It's worth noting that the built-in screen recorder on this phone can also record internal audio.
    No android phone has been able to do this until now… It's been microphone recording or bust.

  5. Why ruin such a marvelous design of such an expensive phone with a cheap ugly case? I don't get it, people should feel the aesthetic right in their hands and revel in it rathr than making their phone look rugged with those lousy cases.

  6. Well as of rn the only phone that might beat this all around, cause there are phones out there that beat this….in one category lol, maybe battery, but performance is shit and lacks feature, or perhaps it has a godly camera, but no features and no battery at all, the Note 10+ is the only phone that I know of that beats this in MOST category's, bigger display, longer battery, faster charging, about the same camera, s pen, etc….but it's kinda too big, and expensive asf, so for it's price, this is still #1

  7. Why did you say: Since One Plus has done the 90hz display you hope Apple will do it too as if Apple cares about competing in technology. I think you should have hoped Samsung would bring something similar or better.

  8. Super long review, For a few important points
    I don't think anyone can just throw out 48 megapixel camera and then by pass it liked it means nothing

    I wish There were more emphasis on the 48 megapixel camera, quality and why 48

    That alone blows away both iPhone 11 and note 10 plus…


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