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  1. I have to agree the Mua has worst concealer, it dries before you get chance to blend it, it's cakey, it's smeary – I could go on.

  2. i honestly love the eyeshadow palette, i usually use a primer under it though and set that with loose powder. could've possibly been a defective palette as well. loved the review though x

  3. I can't help but feel you went into this video with negative views of MUA. I've been a high end make up user for years and have just discovered MUA for those short lasting trends that I don't want spend loads on. I find MUA is great for the prices.

  4. hey ! 💕 I own this palette and I personnaly love it ! the thing is that if you want the shimmer/metallic shades (they are actually some kind of pressed pigments) to show, you have to use your fingers, fix plus or a duofiber synthetic brush ! trust me, used this way they are sooooo pigmented and metallic ! 😍 the only issue is that it can be difficult to use your finger if you have long nails ! 😂 love you, and hope you will find how to master those eye shadows ! lots of love from France ! 😘💕

  5. If you go to Superdrug, they have a single eyeshadow called Copper, it's only €1.55. It's brilliant, and obviously it's Mua!!

  6. It's weird how different products work for different people. I remember trying the concealer ages ago and I liked it but maybe they've changed it since.

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