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O-Lens Symphony 3CON Green Review //Rose Léonie

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Music by Epidemic Sound
Audio: PremiumBeat license

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  1. You should contact them and see you can work on a custom collection for the brand. You've done so many videos for them and you definitely know what the contacts really need to look more realistic: The contact looks amazing and it's one of the most natural color blends but like you mentioned, It needs the feathering at the pupil.

  2. This color is astonishing 😍😍😍 This libel ring is also just perfect. Wished Colorcl would make lenses like these, except for the pupil hole of course.

  3. The lens is very similar to the new Desio Attitude Collection 3 Tone Charming Green! Like Rihanna's eye color! 😍The only difference is the Desio one have a bit of a faded pupil hole, not a tight circle like this one! 😍 I prefer the Spanish Olive on you! Also can you make a review on the Idollens Roze lenses? They're incredibly natural with soft dark limbal ring ang a small faded pupil hole!!!! 😍

  4. Thank you Rose! All the photos and videos I've seen so far were of people with very dark eyes, so the appearance inside the sharply defined pupil hole just looked like it was all the pupil… if that makes sense lol! They are beautiful lenses but I agree over the pupil design, I'll give these a miss.

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