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North Korea – All the dictator’s men | DW Documentary

North Korea is one of the poorest countries in the world, but its leader Kim Jong Un has still found the money he needs to finance a nuclear weapons program, despite the country’s fundamental poverty and international economic sanctions.

This documentary looks at how, and introduces the men who have helped Kim Jong Un keep his dreams of reaching nuclear power status alive. North Korea has not reined in its nuclear program, despite a number of UN resolutions that have tried to force it to do so. So how has the isolated country kept the program going despite sanctions? Every year Pyongyang sends millions of North Korean workers abroad, selling their services to over 40 countries around the world. And their salaries flow directly into Kim’s treasury. The only ones who know exactly how the system works are the men who have helped the North Korean government carry through the program for years. A film team spent years researching these men and their secrets – from bankers and diplomats to the laborers and specialists who worked abroad and whose wages flowed into the regime’s coffers. Come and meet all the dictator’s men.


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  1. I've been forced to go on unpaid menial "work experience" in the UK which I view as slavery so what's the difference between the UK and this country North Korea I ask myself?. BTW I am a university qualified engineer (with no job now as we're a "service economy", basically handing out parking tickets) so it doesn't look to bad those apartments for the scientists in Pyongyang. It's all western bs propaganda. The west is no paradise except maybe for the rich and seems to become more like North Korea by the day, take Universal Credit & food banks for example in the UK. Seems similar to China's Social Credit also. We''ll soon all be tracked by some form of block chain system monitoring every detail of our existence and how well we obey and yes that's in the west not North Korea. Of course YouTube AI is also working overtime to analyse all of the comments we supply as well as all of the other western spying (Facebook etc) on it's citizens so it's a bit farcical & totally hypocritical to single out North Korea. If you were them I bet you'd be very wary of the west also and be thinking we really need some counter weapons.

  2. three words .What . The . Fuck ? but everyone there seems really intelligent , I just wish there was a way for it to not to look like modern day slavery. i really hope over time there Dictatorship changes.

  3. 27:59 , that child has been abused regularly over atleast a few months & he has the bruises on his forehead to prove it. if you're for ANY form of Socialism, go live it in the dprk, only a idiot would not realize Communism Socialism or Marxism only work on paper. Even in the dprk , they use AMERICAN money 🙂

  4. North Korea eventually sooner later will be taking down by USA no country is allowed to have anything but USA lol and North Korea’s is stupid if they think USA is afraid of them they can turn that country to dust in just one day but hopeful that doesn’t come true people there don’t deserve it but Kim has to realize that he has to give in he won’t win he has to accept his loses just like every other country tried to mess with USA I’m not American but just saying it’s not fair but that’s life and I’m just waiting to die for my creator to judge me all this life is just basically for me a temporary thing we all will die all the fancy things money and things people wish to have all the time will be gone if I live just normal enough to pay my bills I’m happy

  5. Oooh Scary North Korea! 😆
    You know The West props up the UAE and Qatar that enslaves thousands of Indonesians, Thai's, Filipinos and yes… North Koreans. But ya know 'muh fat yellow man bad'. German Media. 😒

  6. North Korea is a modern day nature preservation site. Whereas in the rest of the world many people are saved through surgery, technology, and capitalism, in North Korea It is truly the survival of the fittest. The ones with diseases, homosexuality, genetic diseasss or mental illnesses just die off in North Korea, and the rest of the world saves them with technology. We may be able to see many hundreds of years from now how differently the rest of the world will evolve compared to them.

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