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Nokia Lumia 520 with Windows 10 Mobile 10586.63

As promised, more device specific Windows 10 Mobile videos. This video is a hands on with Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10586.63 on the Nokia Lumia 520. Coming soon: videos about Windows 10 Mobile on Microsoft Lumia 535, Nokia Lumia 635, and Microsoft Lumia 640.
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  1. I'm buying lumia 950 xl but does microsoft will support window 10 mobile in future, rumor said microsoft will come with surface phone and it will have windows 10(actual) and microsoft is also removing lumia devices from there store. Should i buy lumia 950 xl, i like windows platform a lot. Or it will die like other OS(blackberry, firefox and other) ??

  2. how to update lumia 520 for windows 10 as i m not getting the update from insider app whereas i got the windows 10 update for lumia 535 from the same app.

  3. I'm testing the lumia 520 with Windows 10 mobile beta, and sometimes stays freeze and I have to remove the battery for restart the phone, what should I do ? Back to Windows 8.1 cyan or wait another preview ? Or someone can tell meHow to get lumia denim ?

  4. Lumia 520 is fucking lagged, whatever the build. Microsoft didn't do ANYTHING to solve that. I have to get a new phone, and it won't be a Lumia, or a smartphone with Windows Mobile.

  5. If you downloaded the insider w10 my lumia 520 is dangerous? because I read that when you wanted to go back to Windows 8.1 cell stopped working … I recommend you download it?

  6. Great video, but all people forget! that the Lumias x20 series need a new firmware versión to work great because x20 series still using Lumia Cyan Frimware.

  7. Hi,is there any difference between Windows insider and the actualization made by Microsoft, I mean, it could be possible that the actualization of Windows 10 mobile works better than the other one got by Windows insider, couldn't be? what do you think, thank you

  8. +For the Love of Tech Could you please do a video on Lumia 630. Cause I have one, and there's absolutely no one who cares to do a review on that phone with Windows 10 running. And anyways thanks a lot man for this great video!

  9. I realize that you don't have a lumia 730/35. You should have one because it is a good phone for W10M. I am actually testing W&0M on my 735 and i am absolutely not disappointed about it, fats, smooth, beauty, a pleasure. So, if you want a "old" middle phone as an example, just take the 735 😉

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