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  1. I'm so sorry for Nokia .

    I'm not going for Nokia, again..

    Thank you Yuga Tech, Miguel, for making a comparison..

    My question in mind is,
    When will Nokia get back to its feet?

    Who would buy a Nokia 7.2?

    I can even buy a Realme 5 Pro 8/128 for the same price as that 7.2..

    Please Nokia, cheapen your price or else you will be at the Bottom 100 next year ..


    I had my Nokia N Series before (N78) and I still have the photos stored in Facebook ..
    I'm glad I had one before ..

    please create budget phones than can equal Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi Redmi, Realme with high specs ..

    7.2's price is heavy for it's specs ..


    KAKAIYAK, ano na nangyayari sa Nokia .

    Di na makausad .

    Nagsasayang lang sila ng pera kagagawa ng mga na di nman nabebenta ..


  2. I think It's better to compare Redmi Note 8 to Realme 5.. It's because they are both budget phones with almost the same specs.. Well I wish you make a comparison between those phones, for better hehe

  3. Nahhh, I'm not interested of this comparison because they are too way different especially price and you're comparing them, just review Redmi note 8 already! I'm starting to realize that you're too way promoting the Redmi 8 note pro, anyways, its for your own benefit as well but make sure don't be too late to review it because people are waiting for it.

  4. Thinking how much better Nokia 7.2 camera will be if you can install the GCAM by Google? If it is possible then you will have a Google Pixel quality phone for a fraction of the price.

  5. Most people nowadays only look at hardware and dismiss the software. Nokia's software android one is waaaaay better than others. Even Apple has lower hardware compared to others but it's software makes their products good.

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