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  1. Thuận lộc là có gần khu hồ tịnh tâm ko e? C làm dâu xứ Huệ đây. Nhà mệ nội đường Lê văn hưu đối diện hồ tịnh tâm.

  2. Hey Phu! I'm not sure that you watch the you tube of Hang-Chun couple in Florida. You should contact her. She is also from Lang Co Hue as same as hometown where you are. I think she still in Hue. She just went back to Vietnam. Hopefully, I will catch her up.

  3. Whoa! You speak Vietnamese with Huê accent, then with Saigon accent, I have hard time to follow you, by the way I love your English. From 🗼Paris with love, I live here.

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