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New documentary explores the truth behind the origin and rise of HIV/AIDS | Your Morning

‘Killing Patient Zero’ attempts to debunk the idea that a Canadian flight attendant was responsible for spreading the virus.

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  1. Gaetan Dugas was not Patient Zero, but he was a major contributor to the spread of the disease. This author has no clue what he is talking about. People need to take accountability for their actions. This author/director condones sexually promiscuous behavior. Sad and pathetic.

  2. There is no spreading of hiv. HIV has been around in mothers DNA for 1000 years. The is NO GOLDEN STANDARD for hiv testing. People who test positive may have had a cold, be pregnant or many other reasons why their proteins show up on the test (Western Blot). HIV has never been proven to go from one to another. These sick people came into the hospitals and clinics practically on their death beds. If that wasn’t enough, the very poisonous AZT (chemo therapy) killed them for sure. I have many friends who died during this time. I don’t know if they were “tested”. It doesn’t matter anyway cuz the tests don’t matter. These people were hard core party hounds who were expressing their new found freedoms while popping antibodies to try to fend off whatever std would hit them. “Poppers” were big on the dance floor and during sex. Poppers strip the lining of the lungs and was being used a lot. That’s why it was only seen in this group. The heterosexuals weren’t doing the poppers.
    So many paid a high price for there serious drug and party times. HIV doesn’t equal AIDS or I would be dead over 30 years ago. I’m LIVING WITHOUT THE MEDICATION. I’m waiting a lifetime for AIDS.
    The science (that being presented doesn’t add up). Viruses move quickly. Retroviruses cannot take down an entire immune system. HIV is a retrovirus. With in a few weeks we have immunity. The tests are trying to prove illness. They were originally for blood bank screening. Those bloods with a lot of proteins may be not used for donation due to this person having something going on, like pregnancy. People who test positive have the ANTIBODIES to protect them. That’s what antibodies do. Think back to 7th grade science class.
    There are many ways to check this out. Look up “The House of Cards” on YouTube. Look at Dr Peter H. Duesberg and Kary Mullis, Who designed the PCR.
    The mainstream media and public has no idea what their taxes are going to. People need treatment, but not dna killers. People need help to fix their broken bodies and souls. Let’s take that 8 billion a year and stop the poison and help people change their life styles.
    In Africa, let’s get clean water and food for people. Let’s get rid and treat TB and Malaria

  3. So he helped prove that the disease was sexually transmitted and then refused to stop having sex or tell his partners he had AIDS and continued with business as usual. Even as he was nearing death in Canada he continued to have unprotected sex which he himself helped prove to be the main transmission route among gay men. What a hero! Also if only the patient 0 part of the cluster study was debunked and the rest is true – he did contribute in a huge way, though at that point unwillingly, to spreading the disease among gays in the US. Which isn't his fault. The fact he did continue to spread it when he was aware he was putting other people – first in Cali then Vancouver – at huge risk makes him a villain whether he was patient 0, patient O or patient 20.

  4. He wasn't vilified because he was "the first". He was villified because he refused to stop having unprotected sex, and spread the disease to others until he was pushed out of California by angry gay men themselves. Watch the footage of him at the Vancouver Aids conference shortly after that. He was still cocky and continued to insist that the disease wasn't sexually transmitted, contrary to what the experts there were saying. Too bad the people he willingly gave HIV are not around anymore to talk about what a wonderful person he was.

  5. Dugas wasn't completely at fault, but there is no doubt he played a big role in spreading the disease across North America at breakneck speed.

  6. Planned eugenics to 3xterminate (re:agenda 21) via bioweaponized viral tech blacks and africans that failes and backfired developed by nazi dcientists after the ww2 ???(project paperclip)

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