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NEW Apple 8-Core i9 iMac 27 Inch 5K (2019): Unboxing and Review // Best All-In-One Desktop?

Finally, Apple’s All-In-One computer got a massive internal overhaul. The iMac has to be one of Apple’s most iconic products, after all, the iMac catapulted Apple into success. Unfortunately, we did not see a hardware redesign but we did get massive internal updates which are always welcome.
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This configuration is for the 27″ iMac with 3.6 GHz 8-Core 9th Generation Intel Core i9, Turbo Boost up to 5.0 GHz, 8GB of RAM Radeon Pro Vega 48 and a 3TB Fusion Drive.
Many of my viewers have asked me when I would do an iMac review. Here it is, this video goes out especially to all of you, my amazing subscribers!
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  2. I like the bezels to be honest. The thick black really helps separate what is going on in the background of my room (room items like windows and such) from the screen itself. It makes the colors on the screen really pop.

  3. Here I am at pro it’s pretty nice but it’s missing a CD and if you do use the port for the bigger TV to channel the screen on to that lawyer that’s also the main concerns about apples products and stuff fix problem tour have fun tell you to the house bye🖥💻⌚️📱💽😎

  4. This is for rich people for high end. I never pay that much I am lucky i got hold of early 2008 imac under $250 a month ago i am still able go on line with it

  5. I ordered the same config as yours except I got mine with 1TB SSD. I ordered it through Adorama despite the fact that it's been on backorder for weeks. If it doesnt ship out within 3 weeks I'm just gonna cancel the order and bulld a PC since I was going back and fourth trying to chose.

  6. You know, there comes a point when you approach the perfection of a design. There's a few tweaks possible, sure, but don't get so hung up on what you call "innovation" (really just change for change sake) that we start moving away from perfect unions of form and function.

  7. Thanks Juan, for a good run down on the IMac 27. I’m looking at buying one and so needed to do my research. Disappointing about the built in camera, 720 p, you are kidding me man. Glad that you pointed out the pinch to zoom and gestures available through the track pad, a good reason for getting that baby. Also the ability to add your own memory, I’d be doing that. Yep too bad about the large bezel around the display. Flies in the face of Current design in 2019. The need to buy an additional option to read an SD card sucks. Anyway it is what it is. I’m not going to jimmy one up out in the back shed after all! On the positive side the cpu and graphics processing performance and power is wonderful. Too bad about that stupid hybrid SSD mechanical 1 TB drive – give me a break man. Nevertheless, I love the Apple operating system and all that comes with it. So… decisions to make. I don’t think I could bring myself buy a Microsoft Surface! Any thanks mate for your informative spiel on the IMac 27. Cheers Rob

  8. I have a 2009 27inch iMac. It still does work. I maxed it out when I bought it from Apple. Apple supported my Mac until last year. That is along time for computer. I now can not run the newest OS Movaje. Plan on buying a new Mac this year. Probably a maxed out 2019 iMac. iMacs are very expensive, the longer that you can use it the better. I checked with Apple if they might buy my computer back. I was not expecting much. They will only recycle it for me. That is sad for a computer that still works. In fact I am using now to add a comment to this video. I did get a lot of use out of this computer. So, I can not complain. I am waiting for WWDC to see if the iMac Pro might get updated and be a little better value.

  9. Can you please tell me if I should replace my new iMac 2019 that I got with the Radeon pro 580x 4gb or upgrade it to the Radeon pro Vega 48 .awaiting for your reply I have 30 days to send it back and reorder the other one.

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