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  1. 16:55 Taeil just speak for me and fellow Johnny stans.
    Not only looking good in white shirt and jeans like a boyfriend material but also sexy when cooking. This is too much.

  2. Group cooking be like:
    Jaehyun and Haechan: Does 99% of the work.
    Doyoung: Has no idea what's going on the whole time.
    Taeil: Said he's going help, but he's not.
    Yuta: Disappear at the very beginning and doesn't show up again till the very end.

  3. Sm is making our boys tired…. Have you ever thinking about their vid which is American school… For me the contents were not enough they just wasted their time just for a few words…. I am sorry for talking like this but i am pity on nct bc they WORKED hard on the stage also in YouTube…. SM PLS MAKE SURE THE MONEY FROM NCT YOUTUBE ALSO WILL BE THEIRS AS WELL NOT ONLY YOURS ONLY!

  4. 1:39 When Taeyong announces that the "Don't Forget Your Tools" team was has been renamed to "Got Tools," I wonder how many of the other NCT members caught the English-language pun, lol. I wonder if the name change was Johnny or Mark's idea.

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