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Mountain Biking Diamond Hill | Cumberland, RI

Mountain biking Diamond Hill is a ‘must do’ if you are near RI. Diamond hill is a pretty small spot, but once you get to know it you can definitely have some fun. Park across from the ice cream shop, then head across the street, down a paved driveway, and into the woods! The ride starts with a climb to the top of the hill, but once you make it to the top you can blast down some awesome DH trails with awesome chunk, drops, jumps all over the place. There is also an XC trail from the top that shoots out and back 3-4 miles. The trials are a little rusty, so be cautious on your first runs!
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  1. If you ever come again try coming mode July and try to meat up with the summer camp that goes there I’m a counselor and the kids shred hard a 10 year old did the latter

  2. There is always that one guy that dislikes a vid… ridiculous. BTW, why do you have a gerbal stuck to your top tube? 😉

  3. Love your videos man – I’m driving up to the Boston area next week for work. Bringin my bike and hitting diamond hill obvi

  4. Great video! They look like fast, fun trails. I live in RI and have not ridden there yet. I mostly ride in Big River or Arcadia. I'd like to try out the new riding area in Westerly, RI called Woody Hill. I am hearing good things about it. Have you ridden there yet ?

  5. I'll have to try to get down there someday. Your videos are great, lots of speed, not a lot of gabbing. Come to Maine sometime

  6. very different riding than here in Colorado, I like it! Lot of Yetys in your group, nice!!! thank you V!

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