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Moto Razr 2019 review (hands-on) – Motorola’s flip phone is back

The Motorola Razr 2019 is an old-school flip phone merged with a foldable phone, and it’s among the most unique smartphones ever made. Motorola announced the release date, price and other details at its launch event, and TechRadar was there to capture what this 15-year-old flip phone reborn is all about. Check out our hands-on Moto Razr 2019 review video and the in-depth text version at

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39 People reacted on this

  1. I want this so badly. I cant get it for christmas since it comes out after. I dont want the galaxy fold anymore because of how fragile it is. I guess ill get a mahomes jersey signed.

  2. 15 years ago I had the original razr and 15 years later this comes out I love it but the draw back is the camera and the price 🤔 $1500.00 kind of crazy but let's see

  3. Nokia made this, it could would be nuclear proof! I want it but price too high for me for a year or so…. I’ll get one later, looks amazing

  4. 2:46 what he saying? he said "more heats, use more battery" then he saying "xalara xalara" ? just wondering whats that means?

  5. Awesome! Another Razor I can't afford….just like the original when I was in high school! … Epstein didn't kill himself.

  6. It's really cool, I just thought it would be cheaper. I really liked the original. I remember I thought it was interesting how the 1337 Krew in CS:S had one on his belt. It was an icon of the time.

  7. $1500 for Motorola Razer
    Or +$480 for Galaxy Fold

    I would choose Galaxy fold. Because It has two screens, much better performance , and much better software.

  8. Less battery life, less media consumption, a camera that will end your selfie game, it folds but for novelty only, $500 more than any flagship phone on the market? At $1500? It's not so cool anymore ☹️

  9. I was a little too young to own the razrkrazr phones. Fell in love with Motorola products with the "Droid" series of phones. So as good as this design is, that price is a little too steep for me. But if they're going to bring back things from the past.. can we please start having physical qwerty keyboards again?

    I know it's not very practical and touchscreens work just as good, but I miss my tiny keyboards.

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