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Minecraft's Mysterious "NaN" Values?!

Today, we mess around with Minecraft’s “NaN” values!
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45 People reacted on this

  1. Ok so i was playing in my creative world wen i died? i was just walking around!then i clack respawn and everything was fine but i glitched out like this: 0:07 idk wats happening!You can fix this by killing your self but im just curious owo.

  2. It's just variables… You can't add a number to something that's not a number. Unless you're using JS. Then good luck, JS is a hell.

  3. A lot of the times, using NaN makes so it cannot compute the values. 1 + NaN doesn't work and such, you won't be able to move the camera for example.

    Another simple example is your hunger not decreasing, since it can't compute the value of NaN in food exhaustion

    This means that a lot of the times the outcome is quite predictable, because if it can't compute it nothing happens

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