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Minecraft: SkyBlock 1.11 Bedrock Edition Map

Hello & Welcome,
In this video I’m showing off my brand new SkyBlock map for the bedrock edition of minecraft.

This is as true as it can get when it comes to SkyBlock, but there might be a slight twist…


Your gonna need emeralds!

As this SkyBlock map involves the new wandering trader to get your unique items that you require.

Also, the new Pillagers will also spawn randomly aswell, same goes for the trader.


So, you could make some pretty epic farms to gather the resources that you need to progress.

The end/nether are also possible as always.

This is for the grindy lovers out there!

Enjoy, a lovely 1.11 edition of the classic SkyBlock.


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  1. Been playing this map for a few weeks now, and I like it, 2 issues I've had tho,  I have Villagers with workstations and beds but haven't been getting pillagers, I have a lot of torches around is this effect pillagers, and 2nd, my mobs drop typical stuff except for weapons and armor, killed hundreds of mobs that have iron swords and have armor bits and none have dropped equipment, I thought it was because of my stone sword at first but I got a diamond sword and still no equipment drops, guess I'll have to try making an iron farm, thanks

  2. Help pls can you tell me how to get the spawn egg for the skeleton chicken. I didn't know that minecraft still ran in the background on my phone and when I came back, a creeper blew up 20+ chickens and only one chick remains 🙁

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