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Minecraft PE 1.11 Seeds – TOP 5 SURVIVAL ISLAND SEEDS – Minecraft MCPE 1.10 (2019)

Top 5 survival island seeds for Minecraft 1.11 / MCPE 1.11! Try your survival skills with limited resources, and try to get to nether and The End by not going to land even once! These survival island seeds have different unique elements, such as size, village on the island or just having multiple islands — for an example for multiplayer! As always, leave a like as I worked hard on this! 🙂

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0:20 Beautiful survival island
Seed: 24517192

1:50 Survival island with village
Seed: 1429879844

3:27 Survival island with zombie spawner
Seed: SuperTaiga

4:52 Several islands seed
Seed: 67080907

6:35 Medium size survival island

Music by C418

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  1. Comment which island was your favorite, maybe you will help someone else decide!

    Also check out my previous video, shaders for MCPE 1.10:

  2. wait a minute the last one was the one i found a witch had spawned and killed me so many times this seed also gives diamonds fast go down straight and if you hit water or a cave ,in waterbuild 4 blocks high form the water and cave again go down not staright

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