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Minecraft 1.11.2: World Of Warcraft FULL MAP w/ Download!

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Resource pack I used in the video:
Crafting Azeroth Interactive map:
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Before and after:

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Intro song: Virtual Riot – Energy Drink

Song used in video: Tobu – Hope


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  1. Fuckin map sucks, can't FUCKING download it correctly. It keeps on saying it's unknown or damaged, fuck this map, fuck the creator, FUCK LIFE!!!!! I'm, FUCKING DONE!!!!!!!! Do you know how much hoops I had to jump through, just to fail at downloading it?? Fucking struggling to open it with something different, struggling to close Steam but had to go through all my rage to fix that fucking "App Already Running" bull shit on Steam, then, opened it with a different thing, tried to open it, then it said that the file was unknown or damaged, but didn't work. Reinstalled it, then still didn't work. FUCK THIS!!!!!!

  2. Teleport codes:
    Stormwind: /tp 51269 96 328
    Orgrimmar: /tp -10539 123 4137
    Ironforge: /tp 4150 155 57703
    Silvermoon: /tp 6641 48 -950
    Darnassus: /tp -14734 97 203831
    Shattrah: /tp -53787 77 1069
    Wyrmres: /tp-3327 76 -1695

  3. hey the map is so cool 😀 but i cant download (torrent version) with 17 kb o.O can you right in the discription the map download pls ? ^^ thy and nice video 😀

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