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Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

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Apple’s got some great hardware, but lately there’s been one major flaw that’s held them back from making full use of it…

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  1. Laws of physics. I want to hear much more about this – the only thing that matters in the end when it comes to performance. (profit is cool now, but history books with innovators make the chapters)

  2. Well… I disagree. What is the oldest laptop you have which you use on daily basis? My is the one which I am using right now. It traveled with me. It was the tool for my studies. It is the tool for my work now. And guess what! It is a 15-inch, late 2011, Macbook Pro. Yes, I had it repaired because of the dedicated GPU which basicaly unsoldered itself from the motherboard, but it was for free, because Apple made a recall program and they did it for free in authorized shop.

    And honestly – I've played COD while the laptop was burried in duvet. So no surprise it went wrong. My friends had to buy crappy cooling pads for their laptops, because the game was unstable on theirs laptops when playing on their tables.

    Yes the laptop becomes really hot when I have a serious workload for it, but show me an alternative which stays cold. I've tried BitCoin mining on it. I was using it for Cinema 4D rendering. I was running multiple VMs on it at once. I am trying to say that it hasn't particulary easy life. And it is still working.

    I am about to say good bye to it, but it is only because it is unsupported by newest macOS now and it is laging in performace after 8 years. But it is still fully usable. Display haven't broken off. No holes in body. No broken cables.

    All repairs which it has undergone was the GPU, fans replacement and battery replacement. That's it. Nothing else. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

  3. Apple is the Volkswagen of the computers, while VW cheated the world with their TDI (Diesel engine with very low emissions), Apple is doing the same with their HW.

  4. Apple is crap all across the board. And anyone that is an apple fan is someone who has major self esteem issues. Why be stuck in a crappy eco system that offers nothing besides low end products and low oerformsnce for extreme prices

  5. Don't think mac users focus on looks and prestige, not the users who buy the high spec macs. The mouse pad and control is way superior, and the OS is much sleeker. I have a 7 year old mac book pro and its so well used the printing on the keys are fading…… It boots under 10 sec and the battery time is still above 5 hours… It saves power better than all other PC-laptops I have tried when running on battery. For non heavy duties a Mac is much more convenient and efficient as a work tool. With that said, I use my mac mainly running text screens as a linux-technician, or remote desktop to windows servers, so I'm not using it for heavy graphics… And the fact that my old model still has 2 thunderbolt ports makes it easy to connect to dual monitors, I don't have to depend on docking stations. That is very convenient when you have more than one workplace. I have run up to 4 external monitors with my old mac and also two 4k monitors. I won't get the new one though now because of the bad keyboards on the current models. So I´m trying to find a "PC" which I can do the same thing with… Been looking for a while now but are yet to find a proper replacement. But the Asus ROG Zephyrus looks promising! So annoyed though that the PC world is still so obsessed with HDMI… Can't daisy chain HDMI… HDMI is a deal breaker.

    Offer me PC laptop with 2 usbc/thunderbolt/minidisplay ports, that can do at least half a workday on battery, and with a good mouse pad, and good keyboard that does not flex, and nice screen for netflix, movies and streaming "TV", and that does not weigh like an iron frying pan. Then I will give you my money!

  6. I am a linux user and would never buy a macbook as a personal machine, but for work (as a software developer) given the following:

    – cost is not really a constraint (company provides the machine)
    – I travel around a lot for work
    – i rarely really run heavy work loads on my machine
    – companies tend not to allow linux work machines

    I doubt I would accept anything but a macbook as a work laptop.

    That being said, I would be interested in having the option of setting up my fan curves to kick in earlier on…

  7. So the thing is, this is mostly true. But I do a lot of compiling as a software engineer, and the fact of the matter is, I have an i7 desktop with liquid cooling that is just not quite as fast on long running multi-threaded compilation tasks as my i9 laptop—and that definitely surprised me. I know this sounds strange, considering what you just watched, but the fact is the damn thing does run pretty quick. Having said that, I’ve already had to take it back to the shop once (had it about 15 months?) to have a swollen battery and some other stuff replaced, but whether that has anything to do with cooling I have no idea.

  8. Thanks, nice video.
    Also: A Mac is a PC (often running macOS). How about dropping that stupid ‘‘PC’ = Windows’ that makes you sound like the packaging of a bad game? 😉

  9. Why? Because they don't build the chips, they get them from Intel
    On the iPhone, it's all apple. That's why it's great on the iPhone.
    And why don't they have a thicker MacBook with more fans or a better cooling system? Cuz they're developing a mobile processor based chip for the MacBook so it can run at speeds thrice that of the iPad Pro and have no throttling issues at all.
    This means they can kee the slim design and still offer amazing specs. Also they can use their own GPUs and integrate metal at a much deeper level.
    The reason we don't see the switch yet is cuz no apps would be supported on the new architecture untill they find a way to migrate all the desktop apps to run on a SoC.

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