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  1. lol its funny….i was trying to fix a macbook with water damage (without schematic) and yeah its very confusing….I had to use the continuity function everytime to see where every part is going….in the end i said "fuck it" and I found the schematic , which was very hard to find btw

  2. Well done fixing it without having any prior knowledge of Macbooks. Shorted caps on Macbooks or in fact any Apple product is VERY common. You really should have watched a few of the repair videos of that model on Louis Rossmann's YT channel prior to working on it. Then you would at least know where to start (i.e. on the schematic power rails page) and if you were lucky there might even be a video with exactly the same fault. Next time research a bit more then you can fix it quicker. If you get good and fast at repairing Macbooks you will never have to worry about money because Apple only makes garbage quality products which means you have a repair job for life 😉

  3. ähm??..why u dint put the 2 new diods together in 45 degree…one big solder connection on top and press the back a little bit outside!! Like a upside down A

  4. I know that Apple products are craps, but a capacitors have always been the most fragiles components in electronic at all time. Much more than an active component.

  5. Sorin, i have the whole Apple Macbooks from 2006 to 2019, also all the Iphones and ipads including boardviews. If you want them i can come to your shop with the usb stick and give you all for free. Text me the address on 07707636579, i live in Basildon, Essex. Thanks for all your videos !

  6. hhh apple products are those affordable stuff I'll spend my life without acquiring one 🙂 and I'm not an apple hater, I recommend it to many ppl (whose cars trunk is always vacuumed & clean), but surely not for everybody who those with messy car trunk with lots of useful stuff for just in case :p (like me).

  7. Nice job. Like watching your videos, I learn a lot. Not to get confused with 5 volts on the current sense resistor, as i know and keep it less confusing, it is start up voltage for 3.3v to power two ics that communicate with mac safe to open 20v supply.

  8. Macbook motherboard design is different from the others but components and voltages are the same as all other motherboards.just check 3.3, 5 and 19 volts present or not.and ram voltage(1.2v or 1.5v) of course.I would like to say Conguratilations to you that you can read and find voltage measurement point in a few seconds on schematics.3 years ago I stopped repairing motherborads cause here is not worth enough money for repairing motherboards.Video show is good idea.Funny,Fallowing your next videos.Bye

  9. I wonder why you still don’t have a thermal camera. I bought a FLIR Pro and it’s really easy to find shorts with it. I 3d printed a housing for a Makro lens too for smd work.

  10. Had a 2012 macbook air that just died out of the blue, so just got a 2017 macbook pro, because apple wanted 400 something to repair it….nah time for an upgrade anyway….

  11. The Apple business model is that you are paying for intellectual property rights but with the cheapest components so that when your product fails and is taken to the "genius" bar you are told that the main board needs to be replaced at a price that will just make you buy a whole new product with the "latest" features, I call it the "extended bait and switch scam".

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