Posted on: September 27, 2019 Posted by: admin Comments: 22

Mac Pro hands-on: Apple finally goes modular

The new Mac Pro desktop computer was announced at this year’s WWDC. We got to see it up close and personal, along with Apple’s new Pro Display XDR. Dan Ackerman takes a look at the improvements and design of the performance PC.
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  1. Designed for movie editing, not really for anything else. If you write it off who cares. This is not for home use, it's a business machine that is better than the little not degradable trash can Mac (though it was powerful and for the same use). This computer is finally made to be upgrade friendly and expandable to ungodly limits. If you work with creative movie software, you'll appreciate it for your business. It has it's niche. Lets not go off the deep end complaining about it's cost. It is what it is. No one complains about the cost of a Lear jet, though it's out of reach for nearly 95% of the population.

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