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Live Day Trading IBM & Netflix for $7,000 in 4 Minutes!

Live Day Trading IBM and Netflix (NFLX) for a $7,000 profit in only 4 minutes. Meir Barak day trading live on October 17th. 2019.

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  1. I have a question…

    I see alot of times you have a bigger profit than you book… As you take your partials on a pull back..

    Does this bother you or

    Did this bother you before and matured

  2. Hello,
    Nice trades. I had a question about the liquidity of the CFD’s in one of your videos where you say the volume is unlimited , is the liquidity of this instrument infinite? For Example , when you call out a trade in the group chat and everyone places a trade at $40 for stock XYZ , lets say 100 people places the trade of 4000 shares and presses the buy/sell button in the same or similar time, does that bring problems in the execution as the collective order would be 400,000 CFD's shares ?

  3. Hello Meir,

    Thank you for sharing your recap for all your winning trades.

    Every trader has a winning trades and losing trades and I am learning from the winning trades and losing trades as well.
    I am wondering if you can also share your losing trades with us and explain what was happening which can be helping us to learn more about the stock market. thanks

  4. Hello I'm just getting started with day trading learning as much as possible before I start my question is do you do this fulltime? I'd like to start this as a parttime thing

  5. Nice recap!
    But what about you always saying as IBM in this example “it is well known company and people love to buy it on the gap down”?!
    But you went ahead and short it hard
    Please advise

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