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  1. You're doing that snack right as long as you are drinking a diet drink. You know, like going to McDonald's and buying a double Big Mac large size combo meal with a Diet Coke. It's all good.

  2. Great video! Love when you eat and talk to us. Beautiful looking fridge too. I bet you can think of some yummy and interesting way to make those KFC sandwiches better! Get bigger buns? Make your own “Cheeto sauce?” Pulverized Cheetos in the sandwich? I know, terrible ideas but you are brilliant and will think of something.

  3. Omg!!! I have these exact same Bang energy drinks!!! Did you try the cotton candy flavored one? Sounds gross, but it's nottttttt…
    Yum yum

    I'm a nursing student in an accelerated fast paced RN program, basically insane, these drinks keep me upppppp.


    Keep up the great work and enjoy a beautiful day 🙌

  4. 7:17
    So far I love this video and I’ll be watching it to the end.
    And yes KFC’s basic chicken sandwiches are not good to me at all.
    Well imma continue the video. Oh one more thing I have to try those cream pies I’ve never had the chocolate chip cookie kind.

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