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Franz Kafka is a guide to some very dark feelings most of us know well concerned with powerlessness, self-disgust and anxiety. This literary genius turned the stuff of nightmares into redemptive, consoling art. If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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  1. We are living almost a shaped reality of kafkaesque. Mothers who are too submissive to their own predicament, sons without the guidance of a father. But life is life, it's not for someone like me to question it, but if you are one of those who are given a choice, who have advantages but still afraid to decide it for their own benefit. I despise you.

  2. You know, come to think of it lots of different serious pros and horrible cons of family dynamics are being discussed in the comments. And i want to take a special moment to those absolute warrior champion men and women who despite having been flung in the worst of situations, and from a very young and powerless age grow up to be charming intelligent kind strong healthy people who end up being the glue of and only thing holding together their families. You are rare, you are few and you are a people who have acquired a power from your strife that most cannot master in a lifetime of disciplined training.

  3. In recent years, I have taken an Existensialism course at Ryerson Universityin Toronto, and since that day my perception about life has changed. I am a former civil Engineer who also studied Computer programming, but what have influenced me the most is the Existensialsm course and some sociology book.
    Interestingly enough, I found out that I relate to Kafka in many ways especially those conditional aquittals who was offered for a unknown crime he has been charged of.
    Life without philosophy or sociology is an open invitation to human manipulation.

  4. Kafka's stories are so powerful that one can recognize oneself in them even if, as in my case, one's parents died long ago. These stories are metaphorical tragedies. If you are ever shunned by relatives or friends who refuse to tell you why, you are in Kafka's universe. Don't let people do that to you!

  5. Kafka had many friends and a very active social life. He moved in the higher circles of the Prague artistic scene. Although he published little during his lifetime, his work was held in high esteem by those who knew of it. He had a law degree and a good job in an insurance company, where he was popular with his subordinates and superiors both. His father did not beat him that I know of; the abuse seems to have been limited to shouting and mockery. His last relationship, with Dora Diamant, was wonderfully happy.

    Kafka wasn't the most happening man on the planet, but he was much happier, stronger, and more accomplished than is generally presented by the popular stereotyped view of him as a suicidal neurotic unable to deal with life or people.

  6. I am someone that struggles with self esteem and I have such a supportive father. I cannot imagine the amount of trauma one will go through without a loving dad. Especially at such a young age, kids think it is their fault their parent treats them badly, thus why it creates so much shame. I am sorry for his life, may he rest in peace

  7. We had to read "the trial" in school, I think it was in middle school (we were maybe 14/15?) and I clearly remember, that everyone was bored out of their minds, because it was so hard to grasp, what Kafka wanted, or to understand any author for that matter. Now, almost ten years later, I have a totally different point of view – probably due to the age and the growth that comes with it – and now with this video I finally understand, or at least understand more.
    It gives me a whole new appreciation for Kafka and also for literature itself.

    And now I am not sure if it is a good idea to make classical literature a topic in school, when young girls and boys are not really grasping (maybe are not even able to grasp?) what is going on. I remember that I only tried to memorize the most important statements, but didn't really understand them.

    I am glad I finally understood, but I am also sad that it took so long and I am very sorry, Franz Kafka, that I was not able to do so earlier…

  8. In other words, when I'm forced to listen to the politically motivated drivel of the left and Cultural Marxists. The oppressors are everywhere, but more so on the left than the right. Goodbye School Of Life. I won't continue to watch your biased clips.

  9. This one is so intense … great job of portraying him in such an important and necessary way … not sure how to explain it but there is an urgency and a desire to do justice here that is really admirable and contagious

  10. Dear people who suffered emotional neglect in childhood and also everyone else,

    You in no way were responsible for the fallacies of your parents. When we are abused as children we tend to think we don't deserve love and kindness from people around us and end up sabotaging their efforts. Remember that you are unique, you are beautiful, you are lovable. Love yourself unconditionally, shower yourself with love for being you. See you will make mistakes but if you love yourself you will find the strength to say "It's okay, its human nature to be like this". The assurance from yourself will give you joy even when things go very wrong. You will be your own lover, friend and parent, glowing with inner warmth, helping people discover their own glow and helping them love themselves. This will give you the zeal to live, and even in darkest times, you will be grateful for your existence.

    Love yourself the way you want people to love you and never once will you feel that life is not worth living.

    Keep glowing,





    P.S: The message of self-love is urgent. It might prevent someone from committing suicide, it helped me.

  11. This is not interesting due to the fact that if Kafka wouldn't have had a tyrant father his masterpieces wouldn't have been written it is interesting because many of us can relate to his experience. As being the eldest sibling in my family myself I can relate a lot to Kafka, especially in regards to the difficulties in forming relationships and the ability to open up to the opposite sex due to fear of judgement but I want to also underline that ,although I don't excuse his father or mine for being distant, not all kids would have responded the same to such an upbringing. Every child has a different make-up and perceives things differently. Other kids might have gone the 180 degrees and toughen up and become strong willed people distancing themselves from their feelings. Looking at it all this life is just a miracle unfolding in front of our eyes and no matter what happens we are just here to witness as it unfolds and make it a little better.

  12. Let's be honest, Kafka's trauma coming from his father was his own weakness. He's ashamed of himself because his father was physically superior while going swimming? It seems the true problem was Kafka's incredibly weak will and low self-esteem, in such a state every and all forms of interactions would appear negative to his conscience, whether they were or not. I understand that his childhood wasn't the best, but there are far more people who had a FAR worse time growing up that evolved into good and high quality people. Honestly, he was a weak man who didn't try to change or apply himself, he decided to whore and wallow in his own self pity.

  13. Is it not curious that the inner life in his house of horrors, with the tyrannical father became an entire nation of horror with a tyrannical leader. The psyche of German people was reflected in his work. Of course this is not p.c. but needs saying.

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