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Let's Play: Joy Pony 2 | THIS IS PAINFUL


So, Joy Pony 2… Not exactly what I expected. I was disappointed and tortured with this gameplay. This is like, one of those baby games you find on those “girlie” websites. I still pushed on and played this, for you guys! Hope you’re happy!!! Help me.

Game Link:

Intro and Outro Music:
Intro and Outro Made by: Me!
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  1. I have this game,but i dont kill,i care for my pony's. #bestmother #bronyisthebestyoutuberdad XD Luv you're videos.

  2. Yeah I can't download the 1st joy pony for free and I am a kid so I can't pay and this game I played was boring so….unistalled. And my best pony game is home pony but I can't play home pony 2 because somehow I can't download it since some unknown error occurred

  3. how do I even get the game to work? I tried restarted my Mac like it told me to when it linked me to a website and I'm to scared to restore my library or whatever it said and im to afraid to do any of the other things please this was in 2017 but please just help meh 😭

  4. I got joy pony 2 and oh no …she is smiling cuz she wants to kill you!

    (Kills the stupid pony baby)

    Yay she won't Kill you cuz she is dead!

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