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  1. This game was my chilhood. I used to play so much with it. I remember we guys at the street played so much with the toys and after we got to the house and played with the game. This was fashion at that time. I'm very sad this game was shut down and today you can also play but just with few heroes and you can't play the full game. If i only had one wish, that would be the full game.

  2. I have been looking for this game for an hour, unfortunately I have not found it. It was a game of my childhood. As I remembered about her, I started looking for her. It took me 2 hours and I found this movie. I cried at the sight of this game 🙁 Who also had this gives a paw up or comment 🙁 LEGO, PLEASE, COME TO THIS GAME :(.

  3. I used to play this and it is nice coming back to it. I’ve had a bunch of the actual LEGO sets and I’d always have fun building them, now the game is gone and the cheapest set I can find is like 20 dollars for one of the BRAIN ATTACK sets. I’d get one of the ones from this game but some of the sets I had are now over 100 dollars, I hope they bring this back.

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