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Leaving Thailand

Thailand was one of a kind. Starting from Asiatique River Front, it was too cool. The Sukkumvith market, Train market, Floating market, the weekend market was at its best. It didn’t disappoint us.

Eating exotic foods were the biggest challenge for me. Crocodile meat treated us well, but the heart of the snake has given the burning sensation throughout my esophagus, and the snake’s meat was also good. Eating insects was an unbelievable thing for me. Grasshopper I couldn’t go for the second one. But the last night in Bangkok was the best time that one could spend. That was because of Sonny, with his help and motivation I could have some more extreme foods like Scorpions, Cricket, Grasshopper and finally Tarantula. It could be the worst food in this entire Universe.

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  1. Unga videos pathu enakku BKK poganum nu aasai vandhiruchi!!! Kandipa povan bro… wonderful experience, fantastic suggestions…. inspiration only fr u 🥰😍🥰😍especially DOSA KING 😲 😯 😮

  2. Bro come to Mumbai we guys are waiting for you and u can see mini Tamilnadu in Mumbai and there are variety of food to try and place to see😇
    With love

  3. Thalavarae nxt trip ku item China la ready airuchu….."Virgin boy eggs are a traditional dish of China in which eggs are boiled in the urine of young boys"

  4. அண்ணா ஹோட்டல் மற்றும் விமான செலவும் பொதுவானது அதை சொல்லுங்க

  5. இர்பான் நண்பா அடுத்த முறை போகும் போது எங்களையும் அழைத்து செல்லலாமே.பட்ஜெட் என்னனு சொல்லுங்கள். விரும்பும் நபர்களை அழைத்து சென்றால் இன்னும் சிறப்பாக இருக்கும். மிகச்சிறந்த பயணம் உங்கள் பணி மேலும் சிறக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள்…

  6. Ungaloda thailand full videos um oru nalla experience ah irunthuchu ungalukum engalukum ungaloda efforts sema irfan ithu mathiri innum video pannunga innum different food dhairiyama taste pannunga irfan
    we are expecting…

  7. என்ன ப்ரோ தாய்லாந்து ல மாசஜ் பண்ண வீடியோ வா காணம் ஓகே மாஜ கரோ

  8. Love u Irfan.. Dropped my Thailand plan bcoz of u..😃 Now.. I have seen Thailand through ur videos.. 😍 Planning to go Singapore. Plz don't come. Otherwise i have to skip to another country..

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