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  1. I am watching this episode right now and if you look at somewhere around 9:30 ji hyo is wearing the glove. KIM JONG KOOK IS DEFINITELY HOLDING SONG JI HYO'S HAND!! SPARTACE FOR LIFE!

  2. This video isn't very clear but I looked at other videos that have a clearer view. If you look closely both of KJK's hands are together. There's one on top and there's one underneath the top hand. He's not wearing gloves… The gloved hand is actually SJH's. Plus the color of the sleeve is completely different… Idk what's going on but i don't really care who she dates, just as long as she's happy.

  3. Its better if them be real couple.Song ji hyo love kjk but she still feel bad on gary at same time if she choose kjk. Gary still not conscious about that.

  4. its just a glove…..her hand at the back of her head if you watch in this episode….could not see in this video though……both of them did not wear the glove…maybe kjk just about to wear since his hand looks cold if you watch from the beginning of this part…..

  5. At the first place, what made me wonder is that why he's position facing ji hyo? Before he sleep facing the ceiling and tell story to ji hyo
    Second, i wonder why he held ji hyo's hand? Am i hallucinating because of the angle?
    Uuggghhh this couple makes my heart beat faster. Love them..

  6. I don't believe in SpartAce couple at first, after this interlocking fingers scandal… I don't know, something happen? This is GF-BF action, I will never did that to other than my BF

  7. It was Kim Jong Kook cross his fingers. Than Gary fall on him. So he turn to right and low his head for protection. It can see his hand still corss by his sleeves. At first Ji Hyo put her hand behind her head to be Pillow. When kwon-su kit jump out the corner. He kick Ji Hyo's arm a little and Gery fall. So Ji Hyo put down her arm to the side. The same time Jong Kook turn right. Cause they hands close. But in HD video, Ji Hyo's hand pull back in the sleeve. I'm shark too, but it's seems to a misunderstanding.  

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