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K-pop Stars Try In-N-Out (LOONA | 이달의 소녀)

*Available in CHN/IDN/THA/VNM/FRA/DEU/Arabic when you click on the CC.

The members of LOONA sit down and enjoy delicious fast food in Los Angeles while answering fans’ questions!

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  1. Loona 1/3 and OEC+Yeojin: dance a little part of their songs
    yyxy: do a weird impromptu free-style that includes the fries as props
    I love them they're truly the weirdest Loona unit

  2. Y'all did an absolutely incredible job with this video. Great content: good length, good camera work, good editing; you gave the girls plenty of time to talk and be themselves, and you subbed it into so many languages complete with appropriate colouring. Thank you for putting this together, hello82 staff! 💖

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