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Is the New Aero Package a Success? NASCAR Texas Race Review & Analysis

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  1. I don't think qualifying is supposed to be entertaining. With this being the second race this season, Nascar needs to really consider going back to single car runs.

  2. I like that group of 5 qualifying idea, you draw a number (1-5) and that's the group you run.
    THAT would be awesome! Imagine Kyle Busch trying to work with Jimmie, Buescher, Debenodetto, and Logano!! Imagine the CRAZY group efforts that would take place!!!

  3. This is the best race SO FAR! AND this is the best Texas race since the repave! I like this aero package so far.

  4. I like the enthusiasm with Kurt Busch. I feel like he is one of the all time great drivers who is often overlooked and underrated. He was a couple spots away from the Championship 4 last year if it wasn't for Hamlin running into him.

  5. IMO the 3 best cars was 9,18,22. Only ones who could pull away when leading. 14 came on late in the race. I was there and it was noticable who was best

  6. Aside from Martinsville, that race was probably the best race of the season since Daytona. I never thought I'd say that for Texas.

    Also, your idea for qualifying kinda reminds me of the way IndyCar does it


    Daytona: 80%
    Atlanta: 75%
    Las Vegas: 55%
    Phoenix: 75%
    Fontana: 45%
    Martinsville: 75%
    Texas: 70%

  8. Can we call it a success just because on a VERY unique 1.5 with traction compound the racing was bearable? This package is still garbage and once the novelty wears off the ratings will just drop again

  9. Get rid of qualifying altogether. Have them line up the way they finished on the previous race by car. More incentive to finish well each week. Except for the Daytona 500 of course.

  10. Turn happy hour into qualifying. 1 hour every one can turn as many laps as they want. At the end lap time sets field.

  11. Guys! Stop complaining about the race just because you want to complain about every darn thing! Just take what they give you and shut up!

  12. If this aero package stays long term then they need harder tyres to allow for drivers to be wide open for the whole run. As soon as they start to lift it doesn't matter what the package is.

  13. Qualifying isn’t supposed to be a show. Qualifying is about the fastest cars laying down the fastest lap so the starting spot is actually accurate. Drafting and sitting at the end of pit road for 15 minutes isn’t qualifying

  14. It was a pretty good race i loved that hendrick motorsports was top 5 top 6 but Alex Bowmans been mediocre i seroiusly think he needs a new crew chief bad now but i enjoyed the race.

  15. That was my prob last nascar race dude i think nascar paid u say this lol think it was pretty lame. To me same driver win .after weekends over rated.

  16. Well Elliotts worst finish at Texas is still in the top 15 which isn't bad! Well on to next week! I'm happy about Hendrick having speed finally at 1.5 miles this year!!!! #Di9

  17. you know I don't mind that we had different bunch of leaders but any Hamilton has always been a crybaby and I don't really think Gibbs has really good drivers they do but they and I'm going to be honest in his own team instead of work for Gibbs okay Eric have a good one

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