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Is the 2018 Tacoma TRD still King? – Review

The Toyota pickup truck is more durable than a mountain. It’s a global legend and for good reason. This 2018 has all the things you would need for a weekend -or lifetime- of off-roading. But it, like the generations before it, has its shortcomings. After 1,000 miles, how do we think it stacks up to the Ranger and the Colorado?

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2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road
MSRP: $36,115
ENGINE: 3.5L V6 278HP/265TQ
TRANS: 6-speed AT
LSD rear
Off-road Suspension with Bilstein Shocks
MPG: 18/22 city/hwy

TRD Premium Offroad Package: $2,625.00
Tech package: $770
TRD skid plate: $499
D rings: $55
Carpet Mats and sill protector: $208


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  1. in the segment there is also the frontier and new gladiator, along with taco, colorado, canyon, and ranger. i was hunting around for new car and truck channels to follow and saw car and driver rate the honda ridgeline as the best midsize in the first video i watched and immediately knew to bypass that channel entirely. nothing against that vehicle. i think i know why some people buy them, but get serious about rating it top in the segment. it's a honda pilot with a short shallow bed.

  2. Why not just get an suv??
    1 all your stuff stays dry
    2 you can get some extended length suvs if you need more cargi space
    3 some suvs can also tow
    4 its seats 5 standard
    5 they can also go offroad
    6 they handle better

  3. The only problem with the tacoma is the room in the back seats. I have a 2016 double cab and it's small in there. I'm 6 foot and my buddys are around there too, so when we hang out and take my truck, everyone is cramped. Otherwise I love the truck.

  4. Good discussion. Many people just don’t need a 4×4 or AWD. They often have the wrong tires on their vehicle for what they’re doing 99% of the time. Commuting. We are a society of excess these days. The government even dictates this to us. All them new safety features? Lobbied to be requirements. Now you have a 4500lb truck that’s supposed to be nearly the smallest offered. In reference, 2000 Tacoma biggest version was 3430. 2000 Tundra max out at around 4650. a 2000 Ford Ranger 2dr XLT extended cab was 3600lbs. 2000 4runner at 4,000. Oh yeah, prices have doubled since 2000 as well. The price of our everyday pickup has doubled (1$ cast 2$ now) while inflation since 2000 has been $1.48. So the cost of the vehicle has somehow doubled inflation.

  5. The truck that would meet 99% of real owners needs is the Honda Ridgeline; best driving, great storage, AWD, longer bed at 64” (compared to short beds), composite bed with a trunk, and all the bells and whistles you can want. That being said, I can’t bring myself to buy one of those ugly MFers.

  6. I want to like this truck but so many Japanese vehicles are not designed for tall people like myself when it comes to seats, wheel, dash etc. like you talk about. Great detail in your reviews! Hoping we get more small truck options from other foreign auto manufacture's just for competition and having options.

  7. 1. As a Tacoma owner living an hour north of Seattle it's very weird seeing TST review my truck in my neck of the woods. Wish I'd known you were up here though, it could've been interesting for you to drive an identical TRD Off Road besides having no options and a manual(and also being grey) side by side to the auto.

    2. That review was pretty spot on TBH. I'm in the pretty rare demographic that fits this truck perfectly. Since I bought mine in December of 2017 I've put 45,000 miles on it with several thousand of those off pavement, most of the off-pavement miles were racked up on forest roads and mild trails but it's been through plenty of challenging stuff too. It's out on the trails every weekend in the late spring, summer and fall and transporting me to the snowiest ski area in North America(Mt. Baker) every weekend in the winter while still making a reasonably pleasant and comfortable daily driver. After all that it still drives exactly like it did the day I bought it and has never needed anything besides basic maintenance, which is the best review I could possibly give it. As Zack mentioned there are some drawbacks. I actually like the seating position, besides the stupid wheel that needs to be an inch or two closer to me. The creature comforts and ride are also not amazing, but at the end of the day what I wanted was a basic truck with good off road capability out of the box and a manual transmission and that is exactly what the Tacoma is.

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